HaruChika : Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru : Cloth Cube

Episode 2

“Kurosu Kyūbu” (クロスキューブ)

Luc originally reviewed the first episode but I’ve decided to do the reviews for the rest of the season. I know I’m a episode behind (Episode 3 came out today) and I apologise but still…

Chika carries on trying to learn how to play whilst helping raise awareness of the club. How does it go?

Personally I thought it went badly.

You know at some point Haruta needs to be properly put in place because his arrogance is horrid. I didn’t like the way he acted towards  Miyoko at all, her story was so sad and he didn’t treat it with any real compassion. There is being unaware of someone’s feelings and then there is this selfish little bitch. His big dream for the club and Kusakabe was more important then leaving a poor girl who had been through a lot alone.

Now sure he got slapped for his ridiculous and selfish attitude. Plus he then did help her suffering by ending it. What a way to bring someone into the club though? By nearly emotionally destroying them. He could have TOLD Miyoko what he’d figured out WITH THE HELP OF EVERYONE ELSE and that the only way to solve it would be the way he was going to do it but instead he went for dramatic effect.

I really don’t like him. He just makes my blood boil as well as being one of the most boring characters in the world. When he starts monologuing I find it hard to take in or even care about whatever it is he’s waffling on about.

If you took Haruta out of the picture and had the rest of the club figure out the Rubix Cube for Miyoko it would have actually been a really heart breaking episode with such lovely characters, in stead it felt like one big boring speech about how better Haruta is then everyone else because he see’s more then them and understands more then them and seems to be the only person capable of doing anything. I didn’t get any warmth from anything he spewed just a sense of looking down on someone for being upset that their baby brother died whilst none of his family were there to be with him.

The problem with the episode was that was basically it. All the real human element of it was drowned out by Haruta “heart of ice” Kamijo and his sneering attitude to anyone who might not think music is the most important thing in the world.

Funnily enough I knew someone EXACTLY like him at school. He was a pianist and was so far up his own backside it was unbelievable. Great musician sure but he walked around like the world should just bow to him and the problem with Haruta is that if it goes right for him and he doesn’t get knocked back a few pegs and taught a valuable lesson in humanity then it’ll piss me off because the guy I went to school with didn’t the last time I saw him and he made people’s life hell. Those kind of people are the worst kind.

Everything else about the show was brilliant though and the only reason I’m upset Miyoko joined the band was because personally even though I was happy to find my brothers last message to me the way it was done was nothing but a sadistic game played with my emotions and there would be no chance in hell I’d ever do anything with someone who could be so cold and shallow for selfish reasons like Haruta was.


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