RAW 1/18/16 Review

We are now properly counting down to the Royal Rumble. We have the last push for all the stories going into the first PPV of 2016.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Roman Reigns vs Rusev
Winner : RUSEV

Brie Bella vs Natalya
Winner : NATALYA

The Wyatt Family vs The Dudley Boys / Ryback

Big Show vs Heath Slater
Winner : BIG SHOW

Tamina Snuka vs Becky Lynch

Dean Ambrose / Kalisto vs Sheamus / Alberto Del Rio

Roman Reigns / Chris Jericho / League of Nations

When he first came out I was a bit worried, he has worked better coming down to talk back at the McMahons and I didn’t want to suffer through “THIS IS MY LIFE BY ROMAN REIGNS VERSION 200.4.”

Someone heard our prayers though and they have left Roman to be a bad ass. It was short and sweet as he wants Brock Lesnar to come down and face him but instead he gets Chris Jericho inviting him to the Highlight Reel later on with Brock Lesnar and then the League of Nations feeling left out.

It was one of the best opening segments we’ve had in a long time. Jericho and Reigns worked well together and the League of Nations is just a great group, in fact if they added in Owens they’d be unstoppable.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

A great match to open RAW with Jericho as the special guest referee.

Thankfully it wasn’t just a short match, they’ve ruined League of Nations a little by having them more of a laughing stock then a serious threat. The thing is that all four of them are good at being serious and beating people up. They don’t really need distractions to beat the shit out of someone. Yeah the League hovered outside and intimidated Reigns but in the ring Rusev matched Reigns blow for blow.

It was a great match and the referring by Jericho would have been worth it. Reigns and Rusev actually work quite well together and I don’t see why the WWE didn’t just trust League of Nations to be Reigns opponents. Reigns vs Rusev would have been easy enough to set up and by this match could have been a half decent match at the Rumble. Have League of Nations banned from ring side and give them half a chance and they would, like in this match, just beat the hell out of each other.

The ending was great though and Jericho attempting cartwheels was the funniest thing ever.

Chris Jericho / Stephanie McMahon

I have always loved Jericho and Stephanie so it was fun seeing him run into her and for a change get told off.

Brie Bella vs Natalya
Natalya wins by submission

I got fed up within ten minutes of having to hear about Total Divas. The thing is Paige is always going on and on about the Bellas and Total Divas and how that makes them worse then her but then she only comes down to the ring with Nattie purely as its the match leading up to Total Divas coming back.

Divas Revolution? What revolution? The match lasted for about a minute or three at the most before Nattie got a out of nowhere Sharpshooter and walked out with a win. Why has Brie now got jobber written on her forehead? Where is Team BAD? Why are Divas getting like 3 minute matches again? Why can’t more then two Divas at a time get respect?

The Wyatt Family vs The Dudley Boys / Ryback
The Wyatt Family wins by pin fall

We come back from break with Bubba fighting his way out of a corner that Harper had put him in. Strangely enough it was speed of some sort that kept Bubba in the match. Dodging out of the way of attacks from both Harper and Rowan until he tagged in D-Von. As per usual D-Von was the one that was stuck in the ring being beaten down by a constant changing barrage of attacks from Harper, Rowan and Wyatt. At least it kept Ryback out of the match for a while.

The Wyatts dominated the match and no one can even complain about Strowman because Ryback got in his face and it was Wyatt that then attacked Ryback. In the ring and Harper did his best to behead everyone else which is what I live for.

Nice win for the Wyatts and it was also very nice to see some good preaching from Bray too.

Big Show vs Heath Slater
Big Show wins by pin fall

I like the Social Outcasts but putting Slater up against the Big Show is kind of against the point of their group.

They were funny but they all got KO’d by Big Show. It was kind of sad. Yeah its a bit of car crash TV at times but WWE should be making them flourish not feeding them to someone like Show.

Entry Number One for the Royal Rumble….

With both McMahons babbling on it could only be one person….. ROMAN REIGNS.

It is possibly the greatest attempt at finding a number one in the world. It makes more sense him being number one regardless of the draw because you know he is champion and needs to defeat 29 other men. It was funny. I liked it.

Tamina vs Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch wins by submission

Why does Ric need to be at ring side when Charlotte is just sat at ring side? Why is it the second Charlotte becomes champion then Ric never leaves her side?

Tamina took the early part of the match using brute strength to keep Becky at bay. It was the speed of Becky that changed the match for her with some fast forearms to Tamina’s face followed by quite a few mean looking kicks and leg drops.

The disarmer off the top rope though was possibly the greatest thing I’ve seen Becky ever do and I so hope that she does that to Charlotte on Sunday. Come on Becky kick that freakin’ Lass.

Loved that Becky managed to piss off Ric enough to upset him into accepting her challenge on Charlottes behalf. Loved it and I hope that Becky gets the title on Sunday.

Dean Ambrose / Kalisto vs Sheamus / Alberto Del Rio
Sheamus / Alberto Del RioΒ win by pin fall

Kevin Owens is on commentary meaning this is going to be the funniest part of RAW since Jericho attempted a cartwheel.

It was Ambrose and Kalisto that took the offence off the start.

Didn’t take long for Del Rio and Sheamus to get the match going in their favor and it turned into a bit of a brawl between Ambrose and them two. Owens spent the whole match arguing with Cole.

The end of the match got a bit crowded, they did their best to sell Kalisto nearly beating Sheamus just for Del Rio to break it all up. I’m actually surprised that the League of Nations got the win if I’m honest I thought Ambrose and Kalisto would but its a interesting way to head into the Royal Rumble.

New Day

We are at the funeral, or remembrance service for Francesca the Trombone. It brought tears to my eyes. These guys are just great.

Big E vs Jey Uso
Big E wins by pin fall

It wasn’t a bad match. I’m not the biggest fan of the Usos as everyone already knows but it didn’t bore me. Kinda wanted to see more of Big E dominating though as I just don’t see Jey having it as easy as he had it.

In the end Big E got the win though. I just think it should have been a little more balanced or skewered towards Big E.

The Cosmic Wasteland / Tyler Breeze vs Titus O’Neil / Mark Henry / R-Truth / Neville
Titus O’Neil / Mark Henry / R-Truth / Neville win by pin fall

I am devastated that Tyler Breeze has had his push stopped and that he’s now just basically adding to the number of people WWE don’t really care much about.

Saying that all these guys put on a good match and it was a lot of fun to watch. You have some great talent and some brilliant characters within them and it was nice to see them all.

Spent the whole thing sad that Neville and Breeze aren’t really being used better as they are worth the pushes.

Worried a little about Tyler Breeze who was thrown too high and instead of landing on Mark Henry’s shoulders was thrown clear of him.

Highlight Reel

I don’t know if its done anything for ratings but I personally think RAW is kind of being saved in some places by Jericho. Having Jericho and Heyman pitted against each other on the mic was hilarious. Worth waiting all night for it. Jericho basically swaggering around like he does own RAW works brilliantly.

It was a brilliant segment but what made it better was that it was the Wyatt family left standing which really makes me hope that leaving the Royal Rumble we either have Bray as the champion or him lined up to take on Reigns next.

Final Thoughts :

A much better thought out RAW. It didn’t feel half as bloated as usual but there were some disappointing moments.

For a start you want to build up the Social Outcasts more, make them feel more connected as a team and even make them bigger. They have fucking t-shirts and people like them because they are the guys that the fans online want to see. No they aren’t going to set the world on fire the second they walk out because you’ve made them all jokes in the Universes eyes. Feeding the “leader” of sorts to Big Show is one way to kill any chance of getting them over. They need to be pushed and have some actual story going on with them. I like that they are a rabble and don’t seem to actually listen to each other or really be a team of any kind but it still needs to feel like it has a point.

Then you have Team Bella and Nattie and Paige being used just to remind us that Total Divas are back whilst the title picture focuses on two of the NXT ladies who came up in the “revolution”. If that isn’t the biggest kick in the teeth to fans who wanted the main roster ladies to be treated as well as the NXT ones before the revolution then I don’t know what is. If you don’t have enough women fit for matches then do something original with the ones you do have. Naomi, Tamina, Nattie, Brie, Alicia and dare I say it even Paige do not deserve 3 minute matches or to be over shadowed by anything.

Other then that I will agree that for me Jericho is saving RAW. Or just he was very funny and I enjoyed watching him.

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