War and Peace : Episode 3

Drama is the only word to describe the happenings in War and Peace. We finished last weeks show with Pierre challenging Dolokhov to a duel after finding out that Dolokhov was sleeping with his wife Helene.

Who survives that challenge?

Both of them do though its Pierre that gets a hit on Dolokhov. Its a good thing for Pierre but not a good thing for Nikolai who takes pity on Dolokhov and ends up ruining his family by losing a small fortune to Dolokhov in card games.

Dolokhov and Helene make my blood boil. Both of them are so horrible, if my husband fought a duel against the man telling the world he was sleeping with me… Well I’d be a little pissed that my partner thought he had to do it instead of letting me do it myself BUT the last thing I’d do would be to tell him he had brought shame on us or act the innocent! The horrible thing is that Pierre doesn’t know the half of what is going on with his wife. That whole family is horrible but she’s the worst of them! Her and Dolokhov deserve each other. Its sad that by the end of the episode Pierre had found God and decided to forgive Helene instead of stand his ground and move on to find someone else to love.

I have to say I never thought I’d ever hate a character Tom Burke played as much as I hate Dolokhov, sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself that it really is Tom Burke. As for Tuppence Middleton she’s on my TV on the BBC in two brilliant dramas. In one she’s the nicest person on the planet and I’m so sad every week thinking of what will happen to her, in the other I want all the bad things that COULD happen to happen to her. What a wonderful actress she is! I’d never heard of her before Dickensian.

Happier times were at hand for both Bolkonsky and Natasha. After a visit from the now at peace Pierre, Bolkonsky goes off to visit the Rostova’s and falls in love with Natasha who feels exactly the same towards him. There is a absolutely beautiful montage of them dancing and spending time together, its one of the most simple yet beautiful pieces of TV I’ve seen.

All this meant that there was much more Adrian Edmondson in the episode and what a delight he was. His love for his family and cheerfulness in the face of financial ruin was lovely.

The episode was just great. I loved every moment of it. Its such a beautiful looking show and the cast is superb. I can’t wait to see what happens next because I want to know exactly what happens to some of the more unpleasant characters. I have a horrible feeling that nothing particularly nice will happen to anyone as that tends to be the way in these things.

A really great episode.

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