Still Open All Hours : Episode 5

There is a wedding going on and Granville is at his best whilst trying to sell some streaky bacon to Mr Newbold.

The women of this show should have their own “Last of the Summer Wine” as they are brilliant. Gladys and Delphine are forces to be reckoned with and to be honest it was the women that stole the show in this episode. From their meeting whilst getting ready at the beginning, to Mrs Featherstone stepping out in front of Mr Newbolds car to the poginot moment at the end at the wedding where Gladys looks down on her empty ring finger. It was nice to see more of Kath (Sally Lindsay) with or without Wet Eric and great seeing Mrs Hussein (Nina Wadia) much more assertive.

The guys bumbled about the place but it was the ladies who got this wedding going.

Poor Kevin though. On his wedding day and he was left in the custody of Granville. Someone actually thought that was a good idea. In fact it was Mrs Featherstone and Gladys Emmanuel that left him with Granville, you’d think they’d have more sense.

There was something special about this episode. I think because it had the majority of the cast in it and them altogether doing something. Usually even if there is a event of some sort they filter in and out of the shop or else its the girls in a house and one or two of the boys in the shop. This time out they used all of their sets from the girls in the house, to the shop, the back yard and the church. I liked having more of them together and I liked that Granville was open about over charging them and they were as grumpy about it as you’d expect.

Mrs Featherstone and Mr Newbold are hilarious together though I do feel sorry for him. I loved she has so much confidence she just steps in front of his car. That was one of the best moments I’ve seen.

Mavis is also taking charge and it was nice to see her stand up for herself against Madge a little bit. I think all it will take is for Mavis to be a bit more stern and Madge would back off a little. Though the amount of bitching about Mavis’s marriage makes me feel like we’re giving Madge a bit of a hard time. She just isn’t a very caring sounding person but I think she’s just scared of being on her own or her sister getting hurt again.

It was a seriously funny episode. I found myself laughing out loud and clapping along to so much of it. By far the best episode so far.

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