Plymouth Wrestling Association : New Year Mayhem

It actually feels like a very long time since I went to see any live wrestling. It was only the beginning of December but it feels a long time ago. I mean I have slept since then. So it was nice to be back at Stonehouse, for the last time as the venue is changing, to watch PWA in their first show since November.

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The Elite vs TNT
Winners : The Elite

I will open up by admitting that I have really missed Jason King. The guy is just funny. He’s his own cheerleader which is a good thing because no one else is cheering for him, his reactions to everything are perfect and he has the storming off and refusing to wrestle thing down to a fine art. I don’t think I laughed so much since, well, the last time I saw him wrestling. I was actually in tears pretty much at one point.

Thing is though the guy backs up all the stupid stuff in the ring when he isn’t doing the perfect flounce routine. He’s one of my favourite guys to go watch. He’s got one of the best characters but his wrestling is just as good as the character.

The Elite dominated a good portion of the match and they did it bloody well. They do make a great team and I’m pretty sure that Mark Walsh is going to behead someone some day just using his legs.

I can’t say too much about TNT as they got beat up a lot but they were pretty interesting from what you did see of them. They had some pretty decent moves just The Elite were always one step ahead of them usually. Right near the end one of them pretty impressively took Jason King out on the outside which was pretty cool.

Was happy with The Elite winning though, really brilliant match by the two of them.

Josh Knott vs Max Alexander
Winner : Josh Knott

I was so happy that a kid in front of me was shouting Purple Pants at Josh Knott, took me back to last April when I couldn’t figure out who he was so just wrote the review with him being called Purple Trunks.

Course I know who he is now so I won’t resort to random nicknames.

I liked how aggressive Knott was in the match. He targeted the arm pretty early in the match and kept at it the whole time. His manager was down with him so already Alexander was out numbered. He did a good job up against it though.

Have to admit to being distracted half way through the match though I can’t even remember what distracted me, its also the only match I don’t remember very well. I do remember a injured finger. The number games were too much in the end though and Knott got Alexander into a submission move and made him tap.

Krieger vs Simon Harding
Winner : Krieger

I have to admit that I was kind of worried for Krieger at points in this match. Usually I worry for whoever is up against him because you know, Krieger likes to destroy whoever is in his way, but sometimes when he was picked up by Harding it just looked like there was too much of him and Harding looked like he had trouble getting him in position to safely drop him again. If that even makes any sense, I’ve read the sentence back again and I’m not sure it does.

Not that it was a bad match or anything. Simon Harding is a good match for Krieger and I did enjoy seeing someone actually be able to stand against Kriegers destructive powers. Just sometimes when Harding picked him up I had to look away.

Krieger gets better every time I see him though. I feel like I always come out of the show saying he’s impressed me the most. Sometimes he makes things look so easy though he had a proper good fight this time out. I loved the test of strength, I loved the roaring at each other. Other then the picking up stuff I did quite like Simon Harding too.

Brilliant match. Plus Krieger won. Happy days.

PJ Jones / UK Dominator / Tyler Hawke vs Grayson Reeves / John Harding / Eddie Ryan
Winners : Grayson Reeves / John Harding / Eddie Ryan

How happy I was when PJ Jones came out can only be compared to how upset I was when he lost. Even though I like Reeves, Harding and Ryan not being able to sit here and aggressively let you know that the WINNER won is pretty sad.

Match was great though, it was dominated by The Winner, UK Dominator and Hawke, it didn’t look like it would be to begin with. When the UK Dominator had finished shouting at everyone and Tyler Hawke had nicely helped PJ Jones out of his t-shirt (I have the same problem with my t-shirts) Eddie Ryan took control of the opening of the match with Harding following suit. It was poor Grayson Reeves who was then cornered by the others.

I do feel like every time I see Grayson Reeves he’s being beaten up. Pretty badly in some cases. He does it well though. At some point I will see him in a match where he doesn’t just look like he’s about to be killed. Guy has some skill.

You all know I’m a big fan of PJ Jones, UK Dominator, John Harding and Eddie Ryan anyway so I was always going to like the match. Really thought Jones, Dominator and Hawke worked well together, didn’t go more then a few seconds without hearing PJ Jones scream at someone whilst the UK Dominator and Hawke just wore down Reeves. I loved John Hardings trousers, there wasn’t enough of him in the match though. Eddie Ryan got the tag near the end of the match and cleared the ring, there was a bit of mayhem outside the ring which allowed Ryan to get the victory.

Funniest moment of the match was PJ Jones reaction to seeing Eddie Ryan standing behind him. He’s nearly as good as Jason King.

Lets face it. It was always going to be my favourite match. All these guys are amazing. I’m not sure to be happy or sad at the result but it was a great match. Tyler Hawke is just impressive in everything he does, Grayson Reeves is brilliant at being beaten up and I’m biased towards the other four as I think they are all just bloody fantastic.

JD Knight vs Danny Walsh (c)
Winner : Danny Walsh

For a moment I really thought JD was going to leave with the championship.

He attacked Danny from behind to start the match, wouldn’t get back in the ring till he’d done some damage, when he got back into the ring he always had a answer for anything Danny threw at him and I thought the kid in front of me was going to explode from anger at any moment towards him.

Lost count how many times Danny went for the big elbow off the top rope but he did get there in the end.

They just beat each other up though. There was a moment when Danny was thrown over the top rope and hit the floor and you could feel the impact even from the back of the room. It wasn’t even a no DQ match like his last one but it was just as brutal AND he only had to contend with JD and no one else.

OK so I will admit to actually liking JD Knight, I wasn’t going to be upset if he left with the title. The man is very calculated, he always knows where to be and what to do.

It was a great match, but it always is with Danny and he’s a wonderful champion. So even though I admit to supporting JD Knight a little bit I would have been sad that Danny was no longer champion… Whilst also not being upset because I like JD Knight. This all makes sense if you don’t put logic to it.

Final Thoughts :

You’ll be happy to know there won’t be a whole load of photos below to kill your browser with (YAY) to be honest I just don’t feel like I have the motivation to do that this time out. If people want the return of a whole bunch of photos at the end of the review just let me know… Before next week as I’m at a event next week so will be writing another review next week.

It was a brilliant night, all the matches were pretty awesome and I’d really started to miss some of the guys so it was nice to see them all again.

Some of these guys get better every single time I see them. Jason King and Krieger are the two that spring to mind, every time I see them they just are so impressive and so much better. Both of them are just brilliant. You also have the guys who are just always brilliant, they were all mainly in one match too which is probably why the match was so good. I mean I don’t think I’ve yet to see a bad/poor/boring/other negative word match with either the UK Dominator, Danny Walsh or Eddie Ryan in it.

I am very sad, I mean ultra sad, that there was no Adira again. I miss seeing her destroy people in the ring.

Every show is better then the last one and now they are moving to a bigger venue so its all looking good for them. They deserve it too, all the guys are super and the show is always entertaining. Everything about the show is welcoming too. A great bunch of people and its more then good value for money, you get a hundred times the value of what you pay for.

Started off 2016 perfectly.

I possibly will, maybe, I don’t know, going to their next show. Kinda hope I do as I always love going and will just be sad if I’m sat at home and know a show is on. We shall keep you notified of that on Twitter though. For Amanda’s interest only (as no one else will find it interesting!) my portable battery pack worked wonders though my S6 did go from 80% to 30% battery in like 3 minutes at one point. By then the night had pretty much ended though and I just plugged the phone back in whilst walking to the bus. It will make travelling much easier though so thanks for that present!

I’ve learnt my lesson never EVER to tell people who I support. Dude you know who you are and you are a ass hole. I refuse to acknowledge that I like the person you think I like, never ever sit behind (and to the side) of me again as long as that person, who you think I like but I don’t like, is wrestling. Or if you are sitting behind me (and to the side) then just remember I do not like the wrestler you think I like. Any conversation we’ve had to the contrary is a figment of your imagination or a damn lie. I am not his fan and I do not go all girly over him. I so do not like him got it? Yeah… That told you. (Since people also have a serious sense of humour failure as well at times that was a joke. The person this is aimed at will know what it means so yeah JOKE.)

And as always you can find them….

On Facebook : Plymouth Wrestling Association
On Twitter : PlymWrestling
And their new sparkly web page :

20 thoughts on “Plymouth Wrestling Association : New Year Mayhem”

  1. I’d like the photos to come back. I don’t have Facebook and hate going on there so would rather have a few more photos. Why don’t you do a photo blog like your monthly photo blog which you haven’t done this month?

    So the best match was the six man tag match? They tend to more often then not be your favourite match. So what was your favourite match after that?

    How are you getting to Taunton?

    1. Good point about Decembers blog not being sorted out. I’ll get on to that before January ends. There won’t be a WOW one for December or January as I haven’t played it in ages. I could I guess do another blog but I might as well just put the whole thing in one as the reason I was too lazy was sorting photos out to go on there. There is no real easy way to sort anything out and that is why it usually takes forever. Hmmmm…. What about Flickr? Or if I posted links to the ones I post on Tumblr? Usually they show up as you know on my Instagram feed I just accidentally cut and pasted the photos off my phone last night instead of copy and pasted them. I can link to Tumblr if you want?

      That would jointly be The Elite vs TNT and Danny vs JD Knight. The Elite are just a lot of fun and Jason King is brilliant. Danny and JD are always great too. I do love tag team matches though,, the bigger the better. Then again it usually is a mixture of a load of the guys I like anyway which tends to make them good for that reason. I think there is a six-man tag match in the Pride show with Saime, Ryan and the UK Dominator so that is already my favourite before it starts (only joking…..)

      Train. We got the two cheapest trains. Train leaves Plymouth 10:35am, train on the way back is 10:07pm. We should be OK. Wanna come?

      1. What is Flickr? I don’t mind being sent links to Tumblr then again I can just go to your Tumblr page as long as it isn’t full of stupid shit again. I like the pictures, personally though I’ll just come round yours tomorrow and see them first hand. Other people, in other words everyone else that views the blog and hates Facebook, can’t come to your house though.

        From now on if the best match is a six-man tag team match choose the next one as the best match. It’ll be easier that way.

        I wouldn’t be seen dead going to Taunton. Aren’t you meeting a friend up there anyway? I won’t go to Newton Abbot either but I don’t mind going to the Plymouth show.

          1. Yes actually, seeing you asked for questions I won’t wait till I see you tomorrow.

            The last paragraph – what is it about? Who is it about? I don’t care if its a joke that the person who its written for will understand I kind of want to understand it too.

            Also you always say that Krieger improves. You first saw him a year ago pretty much, its close to April I can get away with it, has he really improved that much?

  2. Why can’t one of these events be bad? Why can’t you come back and have had a horrible time and give up? You make me and Alexx look bad, its been over a year now since we went to a live show and every time I read anything you’ve written I get grumpy that I’m still not really well enough to travel to what would be our local event.

    I hate you and how good your local shows are.

    Then I hate myself more because if you didn’t go I’d be miserable not knowing what happened with the wrestlers you talk about. I also hate that we moved to the middle of fucking nowhere, we should have stayed in Detroit. As long as Danny is champion still go, when he loses the title don’t go anymore.

    1. It would take a lot for a show to be bad enough that I wouldn’t want to go any more! I mean the guy in the last paragraph did his best to embarrass the hell outta me and I’m still pretty sure I’m gonna go again even though I wanted to die at the time. The simple fact that it seems to have gotten to the point that people know me as the person that supports Eddie Ryan is enough for me to refuse to acknowledge I support him so people have to try to learn my name! You don’t know the struggles I went through in re-drafting and then Amanda also went through in the final draft to make sure any traces of fangirling over Eddie Ryan were deleted. Its bloody hard going when I’m a natural fangirl.

      Don’t worry. I don’t mind you living vicariously through me. Its getting my own back through years of having to hear of all the cool events you were going to! Our wrestlers are just better then yours so there.

      1. Well you were talking to me on Skype when you got home and didn’t really say much about any of your favorites. What did you delete exactly? Come on no one reads the comments, we’ve already established this long ago, we can write whatever we want down ere in the dark recess of it, plus Lucius has already written a essay or two so we’re safe down here. Fangirl away about Eddie Ryan 😛 !!!!!!!

        I wouldn’t be surprised if ya were right about that. Then again you have a way of making everything sound so much better then it is >) hoboy if some of these guys knew how spectacular you make them sound they’d hire you to do their PR 😛 I always wondered how you didn’t get a job in PR as you can sell just about anything when you put your mind to it.

        1. I had to delete cape talk. You know how she gets around capes 😉 thankfully we’ve never had a melt down due to a combination of a Cape and a pretty decent beard! The more I think about it the more impressed I am! It only takes Nacho in his Spanish flag to set her off on one and a flag isn’t as good as a Cape!

        2. First off Amanda is lying. No cape talk was harmed in the editing of this review. I only mentioned Ultimo Tigers the last time because it was black and super cool. Eddie Ryan’s cape doesn’t swish enough for my liking!

          Things that were cut?

          He did a lunatic lariat. Mate I’ve never seen him do it before, I’m starting to think I dreamt it, I get over excited when Ambrose does it … well used too, he overuses it now.

          The guy honestly reminds me of Simba. He was shouting at the dead remains of Grayson Reeves just as sadly as Simba shouted at the sight of the falling body of his father….

          I did actually go on about how easy he made picking people up and throwing them around look and something else but can’t remember what.

          I would like to also point out all the matches were cut in our editing other then the Knott/Alexander match where I just told the truth. I can’t remember much of it and it’s because you were texting me to find out if Danny had wrestled yet and getting stroppy. There was a bit more about John Harding and their opponents cut as well as a rather long description of the killing of Reeves…

          Actually the biggest edit came in the final match so let’s keep this in mind before making replies ok?

          1. Actually now you mention it I’m upset that you didn’t even mention a cape. These important facts shouldn’t be left out. I need to know when Eddie Ryan orrrr just about anyone else is wearing a cape, why, how more importantly whta is so unswishy about his cape?

            Wah? You now can’t remember whether you dreamt something or not? I’m starting to think having Panda girl edit you is a good thing if you can’t remember if you dreamt something or not. Then again I’d have to wonder why you are dreaming about someone using the lunatic lariet in the first place?

            See this is what I miss. I don’t like you being all serious and all that. I’mm not used to it. Tell me all the cuts, remember I nearly died twice last year and will possibly die before I turn 30 so you need to make the last part of my life happy. Tell me all the fangirl stuff. Remember no one but us read the comments.

            Plus I kinda could tell ya cut a lot out of the main event because it feels real empty which is strange.

            1. Look. He wears the cape a awful lot I ain’t gonna start my reviews off with “And for the benefit of Pete – he was wearing a cape.” Just. No.

              I like bad guys, bad guys have capes and cloaks that billow and swish. The Lionhearts capes don’t. Its a waste of a cape if it doesn’t swish and Nacho makes his flags swish as he moves. Real bad ass is my Nacho Man.

              Hahaha I’m pretty sure I saw him do it. I’ve asked two people if they remember it happening, one said no and the other said what… Look even if I made it up in my head now its there I’ve gotta say he looked awesome doing it. Dream or no dream. I did my best not to take photos of him so unfortunately I can’t really refer to my photos on the matter either.

              Hmm don’t you turn 30 in like less then 4 months? I just realised that you turn 30 this year. Oh my goodness, the fun we’ll have with that! Look I don’t wanna be known as that person OK so I promised in the Christmas Chaos blog that getting my photo with him ONCE was the furthest my fangirling would go and now I’ve cut it back completely from these blogs so I ain’t going back on that word. The day someone identifies me as Eddie Ryan’s fangirl will be the day I die of shame (and PJ Jones is still my favourite!)

              Other things cut just because I couldn’t find the words to really do them justice.

              I think Mark Walsh is probably too understated in what he does. You can see he’s one of the best on the night but you feel he holds back. Probably just my imagination (and one reason I didn’t write it in the review because its probably bullshit) but it was what it felt like. I mean I think Danny is really amazing, I don’t have to say it again, Mark could be just as good but I feel he just holds back a little. Great chemistry with King though and they are a great team.

              Josh Knott out wrestled Max Alexander by a mile and was probably why I let myself get lost to your text messages. Again didn’t put that in because I felt it was a bit mean and again is just a opinion it means fuck all in the long run. One thing Knott does effortlessly (as does Walsh and King) is bring his character out. Every little thing he does from the way he moves to the looks he throws the crowd engages you. It felt like he might as well been fighting a shadow though. Again opinion and the fact I feel bad even writing that now and keep having to say its a opinion because I don’t want people thinking I’m acting like I know shit when I don’t and I know I don’t but I know what I like is the reason it got edited out.

              As for Danny/JD it felt like a much bigger match then the event deserved, not in a bad way to either, but it felt like it was something special which was wasted on a not so special feeling event. I could go on but I feel like I’ve already talked enough once more so there you have it.

              Happy now?

              Plus as long as I’m going to have people looking at all the shit I write and making sweeping generalisations about me blogs like this aren’t going to be written too much with my personality. I don’t care what people think of me going off on one about a anime show because heck they take the piss enough about it being anime in the first place but I kinda get tired of people picking up on jokes, funny comments etc and then basing their opinion of me off of that whilst not realising I’m just a sarcastic bitch that uses happy wording to push home the message that I actually enjoyed something. Though people have been nice to me recently all over the board… It changed when I went to work today and was called insufferable, rude, utterly charmless and in need of re-training. You can’t win them all though! Might have wanted to tell each of the grumpy customers about Eddie Ryan’s cape or his Simba impersonation. That would have changed their tune!

  3. I preferred your other reviews as they were more enthusiastic. You didn’t sound like you enjoyed this one as much. I also enjoy seeing more photos but understand if it’s too much to do.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I’m trying to get a better balance in these reviews. The comment thread above yours now has a description of some of the stuff that got cut out on drafting. I really do appreciate all feedback as it’s the only way to improve!

      I’ll think of a better way to use photos. I don’t like putting them in too much with the writing as it makes it look a little busy in places. I’ll have a look on Monday when I’m doing my Pride Promotions review to see if there is a better balance.

      Trust me I did enjoy it. It’s my own fault, the guy who was joking around was a bit loud and I wasn’t ready for it so I was a little deflated but the event itself was just as good! In fact I said that it was better and that is the truth!

      Is there anything in particular you missed from the review or was it just my choice of words?

      Plus are you the same James that posted on the Christmas Chaos blog? If you are do you go to the events yourself? You don’t have to answer was just wondering!!

      1. Yes I have read all the comments above mine now.

        I have never been to either of the promotions, I don’t live in the West Country so it’s a bit far to travel. I have seen some of the wrestlers though so enjoy reading about them.

        I started following your blog on Tumblr as I enjoyed your NXT reviews. I also like your RAW and Smackdown reviews but I don’t like the other guy that writes them much.

        Personally I like your blogs because they aren’t technical. You state your opinions and I feel it gives a better understanding of the show then just listing off what happened in the match. I also loved that you were unashamedly a Lionheart fangirl as well as a Ultimo Tiger fan and others. It’s why I finally commented on the December blog because after following your wrestling blogs and reading others written by you here and there whether I was interested I the subject or not I was so happy to see you so overjoyed getting to have a photo with them. It was obvious you wanted to talk more about it then you could in the blog and I wanted to hear more.

        I didn’t get that feeling from this blog, it just felt really sad. I saw the nastiness on Tumblr before it was deleted and was one of the anons in support to you but I was hoping it wouldn’t effect how you wrote your blogs. I don’t think you should care how people react to you if something makes you happy you shouldn’t hide it. I prefer how you reviewed the matches in the above comments. I like that you write excitedly. I love the comparison of Eddie Ryan and Simba. If people laugh at you for supporting someone or for enjoying something it shows them in a ugly light not you.

        Hope that helps. I know I’m a nobody but I’m in support of the blogs going back to being you telling us what you loved and hated about the shows. Also glad to hear you’ll be doing the Royal Rumble write up as I remembered reading on the December blog you love rumbles.

        1. Hi, just a quick note to let you know that Anna is extremely ill at the moment so might not be able to reply to you for a day or two. She saw the notification of the comment on her phone and I did read it out to her but she didn’t want to reply through me but also didn’t want you to think she wouldn’t reply at all.

          Just to add that the nastiness on Tumblr has nothing to do with why she changed her writing style in these blogs, though it might effect the Royal Rumble one (in other words choosing her words carefully when it comes to Roman Reigns.) She changed her style on these blogs after someone, who to be fair she’d also talked to online and is friends with, made a joke a little too loudly and she’s more worried about how people will see her. Being a introvert and also being someone who has lived in the shadow of much bigger personalited sisters her whole life means that she doesn’t really want to be tagged as being a fangirl or known for one thing over anything else. Unfortunately she does suffer from bad paranoia and it plays into her writing at times, playing it safe not to upset someone or get herself into war of words with people.

          Though I can tell you it makes her very happy to have people interacting with her and she agrees that she was bursting to talk more about the December show and liked that you asked questions. So please feel free to come ask her questions on all her wrestling blogs in the future.

        2. I’ll keep it in mind! I guess all the feedback I’ve gotten is that the people who give me feedback enjoy that kind of review. My reviews will never be too technical as I just don’t retain information well (hence me wondering if I’m just dreaming about things happening instead of seeing them!) It’s why they tend to talk more about things that entertain me.

          You are the first person that ever said they enjoy my fangirling! As you probably see on Tumblr I’m a proud fangirl of lots of people/shows/books/things but my paranoia to what people take away from what I write on here stifles that a little. As I said I’ll have PWP’S Undisputed review up on Monday… hopefully. I’ll try to balance it better but please believe if I say I enjoy it but it doesn’t come across like that then I truly have enjoyed it! I wouldn’t say I did if I didn’t! Plus like PWA the PWP wrestlers are just wonderful to watch and I very much doubt there is a chance of me not enjoying the majority of it!

          I will also take in mind to make as many funny comparisons as I can! I’m happy you liked my Simba one! To be fair the Lionhearts t-shirt I own is a parody of the Lion King so it’s kind of fitting!!

          And as always if there is any more questions you want answered just ask! I will talk about any of these events till the cows come home so just keep asking questions. As Pete said it’s rare for us to get many people reading the comments or commenting in general on the our blogs so I’m more likely to reply in my old fashion down here!

          And as Luc said the nastiness on Tumblr doesn’t effect this. It’s just as general fear of becoming the butt of of a joke that I don’t see the funny side too. The stuff on Tumblr was after all about Roman Reigns and how I’m a deluded asshole for not thinking he’s wonderful. Wonderfully pretty sure but being pretty doesn’t lead to much entertainment!

          1. Do you get much feedback? I will most definitely post more often if it helps.

            I think as long as its done right being a fangirl isn’t a bad thing. You aren’t like one of those crazed rabid fans that won’t listen to other people. People get fangirl mixed up with biased and I’ve never seen you being biased, you get excited when your favourites have good matches which is what they aim for anyway, but I always feel like you’d say if they had a bad match instead of blaming someone else or pretending that it was the best match.

            You also try to find positives even when there are a lot of negatives. Like the Harding/Krieger match you admitted that you didn’t like when Harding picked Krieger up and said it didn’t work but didn’t spend the whole part of the review going on about it and found positives to say too.

            I guess what I’m trying to get over is that usually you come over as if you just really care about the shows in general. You always recommend them and say nice things about the promotions and wrestlers whilst pointing out things you didn’t like. You kind of stripped that back in this one which made it feel sad and like you didn’t enjoy it that much.

            Also I guess one reason why people don’t get down to the comments in these blogs is because of the pictures. It wasn’t much different this time though without them but maybe they do click off when they get to the photos?

            I’ve written a lot about the actual review itself but I still have questions about the show itself which I forgot to ask before now. Is it still OK to ask them?

            Hope you are feeling better and happy to hear you are still planning on going to the show tomorrow! Who are you looking forward to see most? Is there a match that you are most looking forward too?

            1. No we don’t really. Most interaction with these blogs are left in comments elsewhere and don’t tend to be about the blog itself or else we get a few nice thanks from wrestlers who have seen what we have written which I never know how to reply too! Amanda always tweets them nicely and then tells them its me that writes it but I don’t like being thanked as funny as it sounds because saying nice things about someone is my thanks to them for being so brilliant and entertaining me! It then feels like they are saying thank you to my thank you and I have to say thank you to their thank you to my thank you… If that makes sense!

              Then again Amanda also tweeted the Lionhearts back making me sound like a completely crazed moron in December! So its not always a good thing!

              Nope that is my philosophy too! I don’t like hiding being a fan of something, its why we made the site to begin with! On the other hand I kind of don’t want people to make the jump from “she’s a fan” to “she’s biased and/or deluded etc.” If I go to a event and one of my favourites sucked I’d say they sucked! It just so happens that most of my favourites at this moment are my favourites because when I’ve gone to see them they have always been brilliant, made me laugh and been match of the night. In fact up until November I wouldn’t have been able to point Eddie Ryan out of a crowd of people! For all the jokes about it it wasn’t until we left for the night and my mum and friend pointing out that I liked him that I realised he was the same person I’d said was the best the last few times I’d seen him!

              Heh yeah I can see what you mean. I’ll work on the language used but if you look at any of my Anime/One Piece blogs you’ll see that I don’t give up on being opinionated and loud! As for the photos yeah that could be a reason, I’ll see with the photos though!

              Yes you can always ask me questions! You could ask me questions on this event all year round!

              Yep I’m going! My aunt is going too now so I have no choice! (I would also like to point out I’m not so sad I need my whole family around me, my mum just likes wrestling as well and my aunt invited herself along because she lives in Chard and doesn’t see me often!)

              It won’t surprise you but I’m only going to this one because I found out Saime Sahin and Eddie Ryan were tagging with Tatanka to face the UK Dominator, Gideon and Lomaxx and got upset because I love Saime and Ryan and wanted to see them together! So that is the match I’m looking forward to most but I also really can’t wait to see Essex vs Robbie E too!

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