Dagashi Kashi : Kinakobo and Namaiki Beer and… / Fue Ramune and Menko and…

Episode 2

“Kinakobō to Namaiki bīru to… / Fue Ramune to Menko to…” (きなこ棒と生いきビールと… /笛ラムネとめんこと…)

My journey into the world of Japanese sweets continues and Hotaru is the best guide possible!


I missed Yo in this episode. Not for any reason other then I just missed him. He was funny.

Hotaru and Kokonatsu work well together, its nice that we don’t just get a lesson in food but some really stupid stories being told. The Kinakobo story about the candy wars was hilarious but also rather truthful. Just look at candy in general, they all have cute fonts and cute mascots and bright colours to attract people.

I loved war of the candy and also the sad story of the Fue Ramune that was actually a analogy for Kokonatsu and Yo. Or at least an attempted analogy for them by Hotaru.

There was so many things that made the episode so much fun. The craziness of Hotaru getting drunk on fake non-alcholic beer, the card game with Saya, the two stories already talked about and just the general bonding of characters was brilliant.

But there is a big problem.

It makes me hungry.



Nothing really happened though other then Hotaru telling us about sweets and I guess that can be a problem. You need a more prominent story then just “I’m going to make Kokonatsu take over the shop by coming and talking about food all the time.” There needs to be some character development and personal stories as well as the funny sweet stuff for me to carry on the reviews. Mainly because its hard to really formulate something interesting  to say about “and Hotaru shows up and makes me hungry, how does she stay skinny when she eats so much?!”

Its a good anime just to watch and laugh at but there isn’t too much to say about it in this episode. There is a lot that COULD be talked about but right now there isn’t much. Loved it though.


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