365 Challenge : In a Crisis

How do I react in a crisis?

It depends what kind of crisis.

I haven’t really been in the middle of anything really that big. I’ve never been in the middle of a accident or a fight or something that would really test me.

Emotional crisis? If they effect me myself I’m terrible at. Emotionally I’m pretty sensitive so I don’t handle it very well. It’ll take me a day or two to get over the initial shock and then I’m good to go. If it isn’t directly involving me then I can be pretty good, I don’t get shaken very easily if it doesn’t directly effect me.

Crisis of other kinds?

Well I don’t tend to panic. We’ve had angry customers threaten us  before, not that they’d ever do anything, and the obvious disagreements in the street with drunks and so on. I tend to keep my head and talk softly to try and stop things getting worse.

Until I actually end up in a crisis I don’t think I can truly say whether or not I’d be any good in one. I’d like to say I would be but I don’t know. I mean emotionally I might be pretty sensitive but I’d like to think in a true crisis the adrenaline and everything else will just take over and I’ll be able to shake it off and get on with what is needed to do. Until my courage and resolve has been tested though, and to be fair I hope it never is, I can’t say for sure.

Maybe that proves that I wouldn’t be very good. Then again I think even the bravest person in the world would hope that they don’t have to face a true crisis.

Smaller kinds like work and all that because I’m level headed and pretty well orgranised are sorted within moments. Again though its never been something big enough to truly test me.

I’d be interested in knowing what kind of crisis our readers have gone through and how they’ve handled it?


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