Prince of Stride : Believe – I Will Always be Here

Episode 2

“BELIEVE Itsu demo ore wa koko ni imasu” (BELIEVE いつでも俺はここにいる)

We’ve seen the team get together and now for their first true moments as a club.

If I’m being honest I wasn’t as engaged with the episode as the first one. It went straight into training and Takeru became extremely difficult to get on with. He was a bit weird in the first episode but I never really felt like he was going to be THAT kind of character. His love for Stride was obvious from the get go but it still didn’t feel like it was going to be like that.

Most of the episode was about Takeru not communicating and leaving the rest of the team to figure him out.

Sakurai figured it out in the end. It wasn’t that anyone was doing anything wrong it was that Takeru was working to everyone’s fastest times therefore she wasn’t able to get the timing right and the others were working against Takeru who wasn’t telling them what he was actually doing.

We had a break from this for a while when they had to go to Heath’s sister for sponsorship which gave us the great modelling scenes. I really thought they could have gone deeper with that but it was all really there to introduce the Saisei team to us. It was a shame because they are running head long into this with only really any kind of story brewing for Takeru and Yagami but the others have just as much going for them. It feels like the other members of the club will be left behind to a extent, both Hozumi and Ayumu have a lot of humorous moments but get left behind too often.

Even the introduction of the teacher in charge of them all was half assed.

Still I enjoyed it I just thought we’d be given a little more time to get to know the characters before we went into our first match. Instead we’ve been introduced to the “big bad” mainly because they are from a better school and we have our first match against them.

In the long run it could work in its favour not really standing still but attacking head on. I just think they need to lighten up Takeru because if you are going to go straight into matches and the like having him already over the top and angry at the world is going to get tiring when they lose. Because its obvious they will lose the first time or two being a new team.

Then again he could be knocked off his perch which would be a bonus too.

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