365 Challenge : Toot your horn

It is true that I go out of my way not to toot my own horn but as the powers that be in the 365 challenge have told me to do it regardless I have to put some thought into it!

I like to think that I’m pretty good at giving advice.

You might have noticed a few times me saying “I don’t do this but I tell others to do it” because I know that sometimes these things will work for others. I tend to be very good at working my advice out to the person in front of me so I know that if I don’t like something or see the point in it someone else possibly will.

I’ve always loved giving advice, I’m better at giving then receiving though I think that is true of everyone. I’m very nosy so I like to get all the facts and I’m good at friendly pushing people into telling me things that they might not always speak about. I’m genuinely a nice person that cares though so it never comes from a gossip-y place but one of general concern.Then again I guess that is a bit of a cop out itself really. I mean anyone at any given time is good at giving advice.Why do we find it so difficult to praise ourselves I wonder? This is the only thing I could think of to say about myself in a totally positive way yet it isn’t like I dislike myself or think anything I do is terrible.Do you have a problem with praising yourself? Do you have a talent that you don’t mind “tooting your own horn” about?


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