SmackDown 1/14/16 Review

For the first time in a long time I’m pretty much on time with this thing. I deserve some applause.

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Dudley Boys vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Social Outcasts vs Zack Ryder / Goldust / Jack Swagger / Damien Sandow

Kalisto (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Brie Bella vs Becky Lynch

Sheamus / Kevin Owens vs Neville / Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose / Sheamus / Kevin Owens / Neville

So we start with Renee waiting for Dean to come knowing that he wanted time to talk about his feud with Owens. He shows up and just basically walks straight from the car to the ring demanding Owens to meet him there.

Love that Ambrose of all people calls for a drum roll and gets it.

OK now I’m kinda sold on why he shoulda been champion or should still at some point be champ. It has been a while since we got the real Ambrose. The unpredictable fighting machine.

After announcing that he’s challenging Owens to a Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble before being stopped in his tracks by Sheamus trying to be funny.

It kinda got a bit crowded at the end though I’m happy we got a yes from Owens for the Last Man Standing match. I then had to roll my eyes that apparently SmackDown has a triple main event evening. Yeah. And one of those apparent main events was up next.

The Dudley Boys vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
Dudleys win by pushing Harper through a table

The Wyatts blindsided the Dudleys which gave them the upper hand but it wasn’t too long before even the brute strength of Harper and Rowan failed compared to the wisdom of the Dudleys. Before the break we get a big boot from Harper to turn the tables and give the Wyatts some breathing space.

Of course this is a table match so when the action continues there is a table in the ring. Just as it looks like the match is going to be short Bubba manages to move the table out of the way of a suplex on D’Von and continue the match with the momentum going to the Dudleys. Soon its only Bubba and Rowan in the ring taking each other out, and D’Von and Harper on the outside.

We were just wondering where the other Wyatts were when they made their presence felt, but not too well. Bubba was able to outsmart all three of them and after running around the place dodging every attack Bubba pushed Harper off the stairs where he was trying to throw D’Von off the top rope, and into a table.

After the match Strowman neutralizes the Dudleys and the Wyatts take control, driving D’Von through a table in the ring and Bubba through two on the outside. Bubba tried his best to hold them off but in the end it didn’t work.

Strowman has gone from being the big silent type to being pretty much in control of Harper and Rowan, calling the shots from the ring.


Sometimes I wish the Slammy awards would go away. I hate when we have to hear for the first few months of the year that this person or that person won the slammy. Half the reason that Kalisto won the award was his moment was so close to the voting. If he’d done that half way through the year it wouldn’t matter. I am also getting fed up of EVERYONE talking about Eddie Guerrero all the time, yeah I’m still sad he’s gone but that is twice in one week that Kalisto has answered a question by just babbling on about Eddie.

We get it, we know. He was our heroes too. Lets just. No.

The Social Outcasts vs Goldust / Damien Sandow / Jack Swagger / Zack Ryder
The Social Outcasts win by pin fall

There is so much to love about the Outcasts. For a start they just deserve air time. Secondly who couldn’t love a group who ran around in a group motivational run?

What I’m sad about? That they didn’t just add Sandow, Ryder and Swagger to them by default. Specially Sandow. I’d love to see a giant stable with them all but it’ll only happen if fans get behind them at the shows too.

As for the match it was good. Not only for the Outcasts but the other side of the ring was full of guys that get stuck in Jobber hell more then its usually fair.

The match was crazy fun  with eight great talents. They were pretty equally matched though possibly a little less on the side of the Outcasts.

Something else I love about the Outcasts is that they are so unorganized. I mean to the point that by winning Dallas managed to kick Slater off of the side of the ring, kind of hope that they aren’t already putting the foundations down to break them apart.

My favorites.

Alberto del Rio

By the time I figured out that the overly long reminder of what happened on RAW had finished I had missed what he said. Probably something mean about Kalisto.

Kalisto vs Alberto del Rio
Alberto Del Rio wins by submission

I said it in my RAW review but the problem with this is three shows in a row we’ve had the same match. Three times in a row we’ve had to deal with the big guy looking down on the small guy just for the small guy to win.

For me its hard to do that once, its magical to do it twice in short succession but the third time it is just annoying. They should have left the return match for the Rumble and let these two do something else up until then whilst at the same time getting in each others faces.

More of the same with these two. Del Rio dominates because, well, he would? I mean Kalisto is tiny compared to him. Now we’re going into the other stereotypical masked wrestler thing with Del Rio trying to unmask Kalisto.

There was a mean double knees to the arm of Kalisto from the top rope which gave Del Rio a big target. The Kings Heel persona coming across the best in this match as he laughed at the damage being done and made jokes about Kalisto getting fan mail from the seven dwarves. Though to be fair he also made a good point that Del Rio was giving Kalisto too much time, as he was saying that Kalisto started a fight back just to go running into the ring post.

At some point Barrett joins Del Rio at ring side though no one really mentions it, the match carries on in the same vein for a while with Del Rio getting cocky and Kalisto taking advantage of those moments. It got a little boring after a while and it really didn’t need a injured Kalisto. Forcing this “underdog being even more of a underdog” stuff is too much after two moments beforehand.

Barrett is the ace for Del Rio, distracting Kalisto long enough for Del Rio to get his armbreaker on and then pushing Del Rio out of the way on the outside of the ring when Kalisto went high risk.

We honestly didn’t need another title change. No doubt we’ll get yet another title change soon. Its just a bit too much.

Becky Lynch

Another chance for Becky to say the same thing. At least Renee put a bit more effort into asking her questions then we’ve gotten so far. All the girls deserve better then rehashed story lines (Charlotte doing everything Paige did just a month or so beforehand) and backstage segments (Becky has pretty much said the same thing ever since Charlotte turned her back on her) and so on.

Brie Bella vs Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch wins by submission

Nice to see Brie actually get a match this time out. She looked amazing in the match too. She took a early part of the match before Becky fought back. With Becky gobbing off about a title match at the Royal Rumble you were kind of guessing that Becky needed the win to build some steam going into that match. Its kind of sad though that the match lasted only minutes and there is just nothing else for the other females on the roster. We can only have one story at a time, obviously, and that really sucks for people like Brie who I really want to see get a bit of steam. Would love for the champion and her story to stay on RAW and the others get time on SmackDown if we can’t have more then one Divas thing at a time.

Better yet why not have the first hour of RAW purely for the Divas? RAW is way too long so why not give a hour up to the women, give them tag team titles, bulk the roster up and maybe just maybe RAW wouldn’t be so boring all the time.

Who am I kidding. Real change to the womens division won’t happen for a long time yet.

Sheamus / Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose / Neville

Match was a whirlwind. You have three people that just like to beat the shit out of other people and Neville who is a human whirlwind and everything just goes crazy.

Everything Sheamus does he does with such killer intent. When Owens gets going he can commentate his own matches. Ambrose at his best is so fun to watch. Neville needs a slow motion camera following him everywhere because when he starts you can’t keep up.

You couldn’t ask for a better match.

When things calmed down it was Neville that got singled out in the middle of the ring with Ambrose jumping around waiting for a tag. Sheamus and Owens worked well as a team with quick tags and keeping Neville in their half of the ring. Some real nasty looking moves including a German suplex that looked like it killed Neville.

When Ambrose got his hot tag he cleared the ring but it wasn’t long for everything to go to hell and the match to be thrown out and tables to be cleared ready for people to be put through them. I’m loving how fucking crazy matches with Ambrose and Owens have become. I’d love for these two and Sheamus to end up fighting for the Heavyweight championship at some point.

Love the crazy.

Final Thoughts :

Still loving our new commentator. It feels like a new era in wrestling. “I know about his creditials…” and then actually TALKS about them. Calls the matches. Interested in the action. Actual passion on what he’s calling. SmackDown is becoming a pleasure to watch.

I’ve said all I want to about the women’s division up top so won’t bother saying it again other then to reiterate that its depressing. The Revolution ended up just being an excuse to bring up Charlotte, Becky and Sasha and then do nothing with them, nothing with the Division and nothing in general.

SmackDown still beats RAW. Whether its because of it only being two hours or just because it was generally better I don’t know. Its much more to the point and direct. The commentators are brilliant right now though they don’t need Saxton. The matches, other then the Divas, were well timed.

Really enjoyed it.

One thought on “SmackDown 1/14/16 Review”

  1. Titles changing on RAW or SmackDown are fine but you need to give someone a chance and not just chuck the belt back and forth over a week.

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