Nurse Witch Komugi R : The Birth of the Magical Nurse

Episode 1

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Anna

Another Yes but only if we have time and a very obvious choice for Anna to review though you’ll be surprised at how good this is.

It had a very tongue in cheek feel to it which I enjoyed a lot. I thought it was pretty original but then again I’m not really a fan of magic girl animes so maybe it isn’t quite as original as it felt to someone that never watches them.

What I liked was the narrator during the clothes changing scenes telling us exactly what was happening and the language used (Chan-G etc) which kind of kindly poked fun at magical girls in general whilst being normal magical girl stuff.

The main character Komugi is easy enough to get on with. Her voice is a little on the annoying side and she’s the usual hyperactive female lead in this kind of show which can grate on your nerves but there was something about her that I really liked. She came across as being real instead of just a stereotype of something. She was ready to put hard work into her life but she was also kind to others without coming across as being sickly and forced. Even though being hyper all the time might annoy me she also just came over as being a nice character and used that hyperactiveness for good means.

Its very obvious from the get go that I won’t be watching it but that isn’t to say there weren’t a lot of moments that had me chuckling.

When Komugi was fighting the film monster the fact that the agent took her place and the director loved him in the tight school girls outfit was hilarious as was the scene when she was doing a concert and the only people that had came to see her were old people.

It genuinely is a funny anime and I think half of that comes from knowing what magical girl animes are all about and then not taking itself too seriously.

It got to the point. Introduced main characters. Had the kind of “origin” story. Nothing ever felt like it was happening for no reason and everything had its place. EasyΒ to follow and pretty fun overall.

If you like Magical Girl stuff this is perfect.

If you don’t its still worth seeing a few episodes.


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