Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu : Episode 1

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Anna

I had never heard of Rakugo before this anime, I always love learning something new and interesting and this anime gave me a chance to do just that.

So was the episode good?

Well I guess you guessed it was by the fact I will continue to review it after watching it.

Its a longer show then the others at over 40 minutes long but its really interesting. All three of the main characters are so interesting and the relationships they have with each other are already so explosive and dramatic.

Yotaru is a petty thief fresh out of prison who goes to find a master of Rakugo who visited the prison so that he could beg him to make him his apprentice. When for some reason he agrees to take Yotaru on we are introduced to Konatsu, the daughter of the Masters friend who died when Konatsu was young.

There is a firey drama between Konatsu and Yakumo about how her father died. There is constant drama surrounding Yotaru and always there is talk of Konatsu’s father Sukeroku.

I liked how the longer running time gave it time to breath, we even got to hear a whole Rakugo from Yotaru in the middle of the show which was fun. I think I prefer his/Sukeroku’s version then the Masters as it makes me laugh. I prefer to be made to laugh then listen to someone talk for so long seriously. The bits and pieces of the Masters work we did get to hear didn’t interest me at all whilst the whole thief Rakugo that Yotaru performed had me riveted from beginning to end.

Yet I don’t even think its that which kept me interesting. The dynamics within the three characters was just really interesting. It felt like so much could happen with them all and you were just waiting for a explosion. Things just kind of happened and it was very bitty but unlike other shows/anime’s where this is the case it never felt long winded, boring or disjointed. I was able to follow it perfectly and didn’t realise it was over 40 minutes long till the episode ended and I looked at the time.

My biggest problem is its soundtrack. They do a good job of putting in some good music for the scenes but they’ve ramped it up too much that it makes it hard to hear the voices. OK fair enough I don’t speak Japanese so don’t actually need the voices, I can just read, but especially in Yotaru’s Rakugo when they ramped up the music it was hard to notice (for someone with hearing problems anyway) the change in tone to indicate different people. I think they need to turn that down and the voices up, the soundtrack should never be so loud you struggle to hear what they are saying UNLESS its there TO drown out the speech and as they went through the whole Rakugo with only slight movements away from it to show Yotaru’s old boss and Master talk I think it was the wrong decision. Again it happened at the end when the Master finally softens a little to Yotaru in his final speech of the episode.

Its my biggest problem but its a small one.

I really can’t wait to see episode 2!

But be honest… How many other people now want to try it out? Hell by the end of the season if I manage to figure one out I might record it and put it on YouTube for you all to laugh at (it won’t be funny but watching me attempt to do it would!) I think its great, its like a one man radio show. LOVED Yotaru’s thief one, so funny!


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