RAW 1/11/15 Review

Managing to get this out before SmackDown. That is something of a miracle for us at this point. Its a quick review mainly because I want it done but also in the middle of doing something at the same time but a better one will be out for SmackDown.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus

Stardust vs Titus O’Neil

New Day vs The Usos
Winners : THE USOS

Alberto del Rio (c) vs Kalisto
Winner : KALISTO

Charlotte vs Brie Bella

1 vs All

Vince McMahon / Stephanie McMahon

So all the Superstars are out on the stage when Vince comes down to the ring to tell the world that ANYONE could be World Champion after the Royal Rumble. Anyone BUT Roman Reigns. There were some great moments including Vince and Stephanie saying “that ain’t Booty” to New Day and the Wyatts showing up.

Then Roman Reigns comes out and is played perfect again. Not talking a lot and getting straight to the point. Just to get the unwelcome news that he’ll be in a big match later on tonight.

Not as bad news as Ambrose who is in the first match up against Sheamus who attacks him from behind.

Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose
Double Countout

Of course Sheamus had the upper hand to begin with but as the commentators like to remind us at every given second, Dean Ambrose is immune to most that people throw at him and he turns the tables quite fast.

Unfortunately we then go to break and come back seeing Sheamus reverse a top rope move and apply a submission to Ambrose in the middle of the ring.

It was a good fight and again like a lot of matches with both of these guys I like that it was a double count out. It was mainly Ambrose until Sheamus got him outside and then Ambrose lost it and opened up Sheamus. He looked to put Sheamus through a table before Kevin Owens came out and attacked Ambrose from behind to stop him.

Dean Ambrose

He’s angry. Does this surprise us? He’s still alive and wants Kevin Owens.

McMahons/Paul Heyman

I do love Paul Heyman. Seconds into him being on screen and I was so happy. Unfortunately Mr McMahon wasn’t as happy when Heyman started to talk about Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

Stardust vs Titus O’Neil
Titus O’Neil wins by pin fall

Titus used his strength to take control of Stardust in the early part of the match but it didn’t take long for Stardust to get the big man down to his knees.

When Titus kicks someone it worries me for their health. I was fully expecting Stardust never to be able to stand again.

I’ve loved these guys together since the first time Titus invaded Stardust personal space and their match was really good. Loved JBL’s David Bowie references. Its sad that he lost again at the hands of Titus but after the match he took out Titus for a rather empty victory of sorts.

Chris Jericho / New Day

It was really funny. Jericho and New Day work so well against each other. It had me laughing my ass off from beginning to end. Thought it was freaking awesome.

The Usos vs New Day
The Usos win by pin fall

It was a really good match. Both teams got a lot of time to do their thing.

Still can’t help but prefer New Day to the Usos. I love the difference in Kofi and E’s move sets and how they’ve managed to make them blend together. The Usos are pretty much carbon copies of each other which is OK but means whenever they have control there isn’t much difference from one moment to the next.

Big E was as good as always with the dancing and the squashing. Don’t know why this guy isn’t in the main event picture as he’s so good.

Course the story on the outside was just as good. I’ve said a few times that New Day need someone with as much charisma as them to play off of and Xavier vs Jericho on the outside was perfect. Loved when Xavier went running away from Jericho after parading around with his trombone. The best moment being when Xavier gets involved in the match just to jump back down and Jericho has the trombone and breaks her. Xaviers reaction is the greatest thing ever.

Still not excited about the Usos but it was a good match.


We get a video package to celebrate Sting being the first inductee into the HOF for 2016.

The Wyatts / Social Outcasts

Well I’m sold. They’ve given each of the Outcasts a mic and they actually don’t let the Wyatts talk and challenge them to a fight.

I love these guys.

The Wyatts vs Social Outcasts
No Contest

I’m saddened that the fans didn’t get more behind the Social Outcasts. We’re always complaining about how these guys don’t get TV time but then they don’t get behind them when they get put together to prove themselves.

Thought how positive these guys were going for the fight was great but hated that they didn’t get to win and instead had to have Ryback come and help them for a, I guess, no contest?

It sucked. Axel looked great against Strowman so why didn’t we get a fight?


To be honest Kalisto is better on the mic then I thought he was. He could be the next small guy for WWE. Well. Along with Neville. He’s smaller then Neville.

Alberto del Rio vs Kalisto
Kalisto wins by pin fall

This time out del Rio doesn’t underestimate Kalisto so he attacks from the out and dominates the majority of the match. Its the speed that got Kalisto out of his predicament.

Its always nice to see someone use strength to get out of things though and Kalisto being picked up and thrown around was impressive.

It made the win even better as it looked so much more impressive. Very interested in seeing where they go with giving Kalisto a singles title.


Doing exactly the same thing that Paige did. Creative need some new ideas.

Brie Bella vs Charlotte
Match didn’t Start

Well it looks like Creative are back to giving about as much fucks about the Divas Division as they always have. The match didn’t even start. I mean yeah let Becky come down and beat the hell out of Charlotte before the match but then have Charlotte fight Brie.

Didn’t happen.


Saying the same thing she’s said before. Nothing new.

1 vs All

So Roman starts off the match against Kevin Owens. So off the bat it is a good match. I think it would have been better to have him square off against someone else to begin with but Owens is a great fight for anyone.

It was alright. I don’t see why they didn’t just have Owens kill Roman without needing everyone else. I mean after all he did a bloody good job of it. It was nice that Roman didn’t just run his way through them all he had a proper fight before things went crazy.

Not sure how I feel about Lesnar being in the rumble but its nice to know he’s on no one sides still.

Final Thoughts :

As I said its just a fast review done as I quickly watched RAW. It wasn’t bad, other then the Divas not getting a match, but it wasn’t the best either.

I liked Kalisto winning the belt but they will have to do something special in yet another match between him and Del Rio in such quick succession to stop it feeling really boring.

I’ll be here live for SmackDown.

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