One Piece : Capone “Gang” Bege

Chapter 812

It feels like a lifetime since we last had a chapter but finally we see what happens when Big Mom’s gang finds the Straw Hats on Zou.

The two who go to Zou is Pekoms (a Mink) and Bege.

I’m actually really happy we’ve got to see more of Bege because out of most of the Worst Generation guys he was the one I think we didn’t really get to see enough of. I mean looking at them he also kind of looked the least interesting, being a gangster and all that, but at the same time whilst the others left me with a urge to travel with them for a while and see them up close Bege kind of was left with that feeling of just wanting to know who he is.

Well he’s a bastard. Pure and simple.

Pekoms tries to do the right thing after finding out that Sanji and crew were being held as heroes for saving Zou and let them go as long as they handed over Caesar, not happy with this Bege has the people in his hand shoot him.

Bege is a “Castle” fruit user (Shiro-Shiro) and his men shrink to go inside him. So he basically had his whole crew with him the whole time. I really like his ability, I love it when really strange ones come about. I mean OK Jack was freakin’ awesome and all but at the end of the day we’ve seen people change into animals so it was more awesome what animal he turned into. When something like this or Wapol shows up I get even more excited.

Its also nice to see he has a real gangster attitude about him. He’s a no shit taking guy. I don’t know why but I feel him and X Drake could be interesting against each other. Don’t ask why but his attitude and the way he is kind of had me thinking that he probably hates X Drake and vice versa.

With Pekoms down his crew round up the Straw Hats and Caesar and bring them inside Bege.

FINALLY we get a idea of what the hell is going on with Sanji though and I’m so happy that it looks like we’re going to get a whole shipload of Sanji. I vaguely remember reading someone that this year is going to be the year of Sanji or some such but with the final page of the manga and the final revelationĀ I can honestly say it has been worth the wait.

Capone has come to invite to Sanji.

To a wedding.

To HIS wedding.

As he’s the Vinsmock Family’s third son and he’s marrying the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family.

Sanji has brothers? And is this why his Wanted poster now says he’s wanted alive? Because his family probably would prefer he come back alive and they force him to marry or some shit? 35th daughter? Jesus who the hell wants to go through child birth AT THE MINIMUM of 35 times? I don’t even want to go through that hell once.

Since Doflamingo was defeated the manga has gone through a real slow spell with nothing really happening and then within one chapter we get a big chunk of shit on Sanji in like one line. It wouldn’t surprise me that he’s from a good family though. The way he dresses and acts and his love of food to begin with. I mean his undying love of food and feeding people has been explained but he already wanted to be a chef and to find All Blue before he was ship wrecked.

I never really thought about Sanji before Zeff and the ship wreck and all that but I guess there is the question of why would a 9 year old be out at sea on a ship in the first place. I kind of took it for granted that his life was kind of explained but not even WHY he wants to go to All Blue (other then the obvious) has ever really been talked about.

Am I even making sense any more? Who else is excited that we really are going to find out so much more about Sanji?


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