Luck & Logic : Hero or Mob

Episode 1

“Eiyū ka gunshū ka” (英雄か群衆か Hero or Mob)

Will it be Reviewed : MAYBE
By : Luc

Another anime that if I have time I will watch but I’m not in any real rush to watch it. Not bad by any means but possibly not my thing.

I don’t like the characters much I guess is the biggest problem. No one really stood out as being interesting, different or important enough to care about. When you don’t care about any one at all its hard to care about what you are watching and I found myself instead looking online trying to find out what the anime was about more then pay attention and learn from the show instead.

I did find out that it is a card game and half way through that really made sense as the lead character was given back a card he’d lost when he was a kid and could now fight with Athena. He was a very normal lead character stereotype which made him bland because how many of them do we really need to see? There was nothing new about him or his story so far.

That was my feeling the whole time. The story is nothing special, nothing new so why should I really be bothered to watch this?

Even the soundtrack and special effects sound like stock sound.

Of course that doesn’t make it bad it just makes it less likely to have me care. I like this kind of story in general but when you have a lot of things to watch in the first place watching something that is so predictable and unoriginal isn’t going to jump at you.

For me it hasn’t got anything going for it. I also have no interest in card games and have never really gotten on with the whole card based anime stuff.

So I might, if I have time, watch another episode and I might even enjoy it more but first impressions are poor and I very highly doubt I’ll be watching any more of it.



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