Divine Gate : Endless Rain

Episode 1

“Yamanaiame” (止まない雨)

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Anna

I know I’m even more late then Luc on everything but we’ve finally watched a bit more and now we’re going to move onto Divine Gate.

Me and Luc both wanted to carry on reviewing this. You might have noticed as well as having very similar tastes I tend to lean towards funny and cute things whilst Luc leans towards more serious stories.

Divine Gate had a bit of both in its first episode.


I have to admit that the story confused the hell out of me t first. I wasn’t really too sure what they were doing and the mixture of comedy and seriousness jarred. The academy and their purpose or whatever are a bit jumbled to me but Aoto and his life was extremely interesting. In fact it was only Aoto, and a little bit the guys that were in the meeting with Arthur, that kept Luc interested. I did like the comedy that they all brought but it just took me out of it a little bit.

Its funny because it was both interesting and a little boring at the same time. It got me interested enough that I want to watch the next episode.

My favourite scene by far was the flashback to Aoto growing up. The fact that his family kept him outside in his own little building whilst they spoiled his brother, his food was never warm (which harked back to earlier in the episode where he put ice in his food) and it was like he wasn’t even allowed to talk to his own brother. His brother was just as spoilt as he looked coming out and telling Aoto that he understands how he feels but he isn’t going to help him. Everyone keeps saying that Aoto is a parent killer but as his ability is water based I’m kind of guessing that it was his brother that burnt down their house and killed their parents, possibly in order to have his brother blamed. Though no one had mentioned his brother unless I’m woefully confused about it all.

So even if I end up not watching it you’ll have Luc picking it up.

Good show just not sure about it yet.

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