Dickensian : Episode 9

Sorry the review is still late! I have been busy and only just caught up with today’s episode!

Bucket is still struggling to find his murderer. The streets are full of suspects and full of personal dramas ten fold.

I loved his run in with Dodger in this episode. He took pity on him and fed him which he didn’t need to do and lost his wallet for his efforts. That is a double act I’d love to see again! In fact Stephen Rea has managed to have great moments with everyone as Inspector Bucket. He rarely has a bad scene.

If I’m honest though it felt like nothing really happened. Bucket didn’t go anywhere, Barbary finally got the full force of Scrooge and had to face the price of his being unable to pay his debt, then there was Amelia not bothering to go with her guy feeling and instead giving in to Compeyson who finally has her ensnared in his trap.

Oh and Mrs Gamp gets a bit too much Wegg and Mr and Mrs Bumble have a bit of a domestic.

The best part of the episode by far was Nancy. Her speech on her past and how you never forget the feeling of being hungry was heartbreaking. She’s one of those characters you just feel instantly sorry for, you can see straight through her attitude to the person struggling to survive.

I also felt sorry for Bill who for all intents and purposes is trying to free Nancy because he loves her but just doesn’t know how to compose a sentence to tell her that.

To be honest I have to say that the rest of the episode bored me. Its the first time I felt that way but I just didn’t see anything happening that couldn’t have happened in the background. I was by no means a fan of the Barbary’s to begin with so watching Edward struggle meant nothing to me because I wanted him to fail. It is hard to watch Amelia fall to Compeyson’s plan when you can see her gut instinct is right.

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