Dickensian : Episode 8

Another visit to Dickensian for our catch up. Last episode we saw so much happen to so many characters it promises to all boil over quite soon.

The mystery of the murderer doesn’t seem to weigh on anyone’s mind other then Buckets. The drama entangled around all of their personal lives has driven the very thought of Marley and his death out of them. Then again that just goes to show what a rotter he was.

You think things might start looking up for someone at some point but they don’t.

Mr Bumble is on a diet, Mr Barbary might be in the clear for the murder of Marley but his shipment of textiles has been seized so his family are back to square one, Arthur might be having a change of heart when it comes to Compeyson but it isn’t enough for him to swallow his pride and go home and tell Amelia just what is happening…

I haven’t talked much about the Bumbles as their life isn’t really that dramatic. Just like Mrs Gamp and Silas Wegg, who had some wonderful scenes together in this episode too as Mrs Gamp tried to convince Silas he needs someone to live with him and look after him, the Bumbles just are kind of there. There is no real drama to their life other then Mrs Bumble trying to raise them higher in society and Mr Bumble… Well… Bumbling around the place. Caroline Quintein is actually quite scary as Mrs Bumble, I honestly think he wants to rethink eating sneaky pies whilst she’s asleep because she won’t be happy when she finds out! They are pretty perfectly cast too though.

The two main stories for the episode was Bucket inspecting Barbary and the Havisham’s family dramas. It was nice again to have it so focused on certain stories and not all over the place.

Possibly I will be the only person to be happy to see Frances warnings of not celebrating early come true. I honestly feel her father treats her like a fool when she’s the smartest of them all. With this last blow to him I can only see one thing for it. He’s going to have to force Honoria into marriage with Sir Leicester to save the family. I find Edward Barbary to be the most annoying and horrid man in the whole show and happy that his little happy bubble that he has placed himself and Honoria in might just be about to burst.

As for the Havisham’s I have to say its possibly my favourite part of Dickensian. I must admit to knowing nothing of Great Expectations but the troubles of Arthur and Amelia breaks my heart. I want them to have a happy ending but I know that it won’t be the case, I’ve been warned not to hold out hope for them but I can hope. I’m going to have to read Great Expectations at some point, in fact I feel a read through of all Dicken’s work is on hand soon!

I really liked this episode even though it hardly had any of my favourite characters. I guess its proof that this very talented cast can do just about anything as long as the story itself is given time to be in the focus. When things are patchy and you are dragged from one drama to the next it’ll make the dramas surrounding the characters you don’t like that more annoying. When given time to breath it makes for much better entertainment!

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