Dickensian : Episode 7

As I said on Twitter I probably need to pay more attention to what is said over the credits at the end of Dickensian because not only did I not realise that episode 7 was on the day after episode 6 but I didn’t realise that last nights episode was on at 8pm instead of 8:30pm!

Finally we get to meet the Artful Dodger. I think they picked the perfect person for the role and kind of wanted to see more of him instead of him just following Nancy and Bill on their date, though I have to say the date was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! Wilson Radjou-Pujalte brought Dodger to life without much to actually say or do. His scenes with Sikes and Fagin were brilliant and I loved that we got to see him finding that iconic Dodger hat as well. I hope we see much more of him.

Whilst Bill treats Nancy the good deed means little to Fagin who automatically believes that Bill is up to something.

Bucket is still kicking up dirt on all the people, this time looking at the bar owner Silas Wegg who he see’s has stolen contraband in the pub. Wegg and Mrs Gamp have been a good comedy duo all series long. In fact I prefer watching her take advantage of Wegg and him being silly enough to believe her then watching her and Fanny Biggetywitch grumble at each other the whole time.

Talking to him leads Bucket towards Edward Barbary…

Then you have the idiots. Arthur Havisham, Meriwether Compeyson and Matthew Pocket. Pockets has decided to stay and help Amelia with the Brewery, his attention turns to Compeyson and he goes to find out if he’s a honest man or a scoundrel. Unfortunately for him Compeyson is too smart and manages to get Pockets drunk, befuddle his wits and earn his trust. Not only that after nearly killing the man he saves his life to seal the deal. I call them idiots with the most love I can muster for their scenes were some of my favourites, its difficult to hate Compeyson even though you know he’s going to hurt Amelia and I guess that is all part of the character. Arthur I still feel slightly sorry for and wish that Pockets had been able to talk sense to him.

Either way the Havisham story feels like it could really truly have had a season to its self.

The show has gotten into its stride now and there is so much going on all the time that is just so much fun to watch. It feels like Eastenders set in Dickensian London what with people going on dates, getting on with work and people getting drunk.

The Barbary’s remain the one family I truly dislike.

Their story is written so you don’t like Frances but its had the opposite effect with me. As the elder sister she’s taken so much on her shoulders and seems to be the only person actually thinking straight. Her father seems to think he is off the hook whilst spoiling the younger sister and getting annoyed that Frances is the voice of reason. He tells Frances that she should just marry to be one less burden for the family but I have a feeling that he won’t force Honoria into a marriage with Sir Leicester Dedlock. The scene with the candied fruits said it all, both Edward and Honoria living with their heads in the cloud and sneering at Frances who has her feet on the ground.

I get that people find her trying to ruin Honoria’s love affair with Captain James Hawdon terrible but I get where her character would be coming from.

Of course a lot of why I love Frances so much is I think she’s perfectly played by Alexandra Moen. She doesn’t come across as being bitter or angry. She plays it more as a wall to block more stupidity on the other side of her family. Whereas Honoria and Edward still look the part Frances looks like the actual predicament that her family are in. She’s just one of very many brilliant stars of the show.

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