365 Challenge : Clean Slate

As I attempt to look around my living room like I’ve never seen it before I can’t help but feel like I need to dust more. I thought I’d share that with you.

I’m not good at reading people so I’m not sure how good I’m going to be at reading this room but I’ll try it anyway.

The room is pretty small, our abode is small in general. Someone, with less taste then a dead fish, decided that black and purple splodged together would make a great theme in the room. The threadbare purple couch has seen better days as has the armchair shoved in the corner at what the owner possibly things is a jaunty angle. They look well worn but cared for indicating to me that the people who live here like to sit around and watch TV, something I wouldn’t blame them seeing they have a giant TV attacked to the wall just above their fake fireplace.

The unit next to the TV shows that the couple, I can tell its a couple living here for the copious amount of vanity shots of them both adorning both the walls and the fake mantle place, points to them being great lovers of trashy RomComs and never seeing a BluRay player in their life. Other then the dust everything is in a ridiculous state of tidiness.

One painting hovers above the couch. It shows even more lack of taste really.

If I was looking at this room and had to guess the kind of people living in the house I could honestly say I wouldn’t think of myself.

Its dark and gloomy, trying to hard to be a hip place to put your feet up and relax. Other then the photographs there is nothing that really hits you that a person lives there. Its clean and clinical (if a tad dusty.)

I claim aliens.

In actual fact we just don’t like to clutter the front room. As we have young relatives and such we put our geeky stuff in either the office or the bedroom. In fact I should have probably described the bedroom!

We don’t actually spend much time home at all let alone on the sofa, the sofa itself has been with us nearly 5 years and was second hand to begin with. It is well loved though and we do love to snuggle up on it when we have the chance, but the majority of the time one or the other of us aren’t at home or else someone is doing this and the other that in another room.

The reason RomComs tend to be the movie on our actual really small bookshelf thing is purely because its what we agree to watch on Date Night. All our other movies are either in the bookcase in the office or in a box in the bedroom.

Not that we like looking at ourselves or anything but we do have a terrible amount of photos of us.


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