365 Challenge : Take Two

Run outside and take a photo :

Run back in and take a photo :

These kind of things don’t work for me. I fully understood that I was meant to run outside and take a random photo then run back in and take a random photo but in my mind the second I took the photo outside I had to wonder to myself what would make a interesting photo inside that would in some way match the one outside.

Obviously it was all about lights!

I didn’t get home till late tonight, being a manager I had to pull a late shift. It didn’t bother me much but it meant by the time I got home there wasn’t really much to see outside.

The other thing is I don’t really like taking photos of my house or myself or anything relating to me. I’ve never liked the idea of putting them online so I wanted my photos to be dark and meaningless.

Anna would have probably been the better person to take this challenge as I absolutely hate taking photos at the best of times! Still you get what you get really. Its dark, I don’t like using my flash (I’m thankful I’m not the only person who gets worried about using it!) and I really honestly have no idea what to write to make either photo seem interesting.

I failed on day 12.



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