Still Open All Hours : Episode 4

The exciting life of a small business owner continues. Will Granville get to go out on a date with Mavis? Will Mr Newbold survive?

Who knows?

Well Mr Newbold managed to escape with his money, if not his life. I loved his whole chat with Granville about Mrs Featherstone. I mean she is quite frightening, and I can’t blame him for leaving without buying anything. It might haunt Granville though, the one that got away… Once.

In fact it wasn’t a good episode for Granville as Gastric also managed to have a ice cream on the house too! Of course thanks to Granville I don’t think he ate the ice cream so much as had it splattered over his best suit.

The episode was actually very funny but it didn’t flow as well as the others. Even though there was a story flowing through it I felt like it never really got going. Gladys Emmanuel and her admirer felt really forced, I enjoyed seeing the ladies altogether but it was too short and would have been better if they’d removed the admirer scene and added a bit more to that scene. I also didn’t find they gave enough time for some of Granvilles silly stories to really take off, it felt way too fast that Cyril and Eric gave in to buying the chap sticks though it was nice that for a change his story came true for them!

Gastric and his suit were hilarious, I loved how Granville and Leroy used what they had lying around the place to clean it for him but in the end it all went wrong.

It felt like there were a few different ideas just chucked together yet it kind of worked. I found it one of the funniest episodes so far which baffled me when I looked back on it.

I guess that is all down to the cast. They all have such perfect timing and the looks on their faces. Stephanie Cole is the best though, her reaction to just about anything is brilliant. Her not so subtle flirting with Granville makes me laugh and the way she delivers lines has me on the floor laughing. Usually I quite like the double act of Madge and Mavis but didn’t feel they had the time or material to shine like usual. Eric and Cyril are also a great double act but they did have a great bit together, I loved the puckering up stuff! It was so funny.

We’re fast getting to the end of the season too which is upsetting. Its starting to feel like the perfect way to start the year off!

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