Love is Strange (2014)

A film about Love winning out over everything.

With two wonderful leads in John Lithgow and Alfred Molina the movie shows that no matter what challenges you face in life as long as you are in love you’ll be able to withstand anything.

Written and directed by Ira Sachs the movie welcomes you to join Ben and George in one of the hardest times of their lives.

If I’m honest it isn’t the kind of film I usually enjoy. It was a little slow and didn’t really have a point. It didn’t need one of course but for me I usually need something else to grip onto to make me enjoy a movie.

The acting of John Lithgow and Alfred Molina though meant that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen the whole movie long.

Their characters Ben and George have gotten married but thanks to George losing his job with the church they find themselves intruding on other peoples lives whilst trying to find a new home for themselves.

Watching the characters survive through their day to day life was interesting, and you really feel connected to both Ben and George from the opening few moments till the end, I personally thought the rest of the cast was quite poor and the actual strain it was putting on each character was more often than not left untouched. Ben’s nephews wife just seemed like a bit of a mean self centred bitch, his nephew himself might as well not have been in the movie the amount of impact his character had on the story. Their son was a interesting character who had some really interesting conversations with Ben but again they never really followed through.

With George you never see much. He moves in with a neighbour who seems to have constant parties at their home. That is it though.

You see slight struggles here and there but its a movie that doesn’t really say too much other then these two people loved each other enough that nothing ever really dampened their spirits.

I loved the movie, I’ve seen it more then once but each time I watch it I couldn’t physically tell you a single interesting thing that happened and followed through with actual meaning. There were a lot of lovely messages being made to the audience and its a movie you can sit back and just let wash over you with its warm glow but in the end nothing really had any real significance.

I’d recommend it just for the acting alone but if you have any burning questions being raised whilst the movie is on don’t hold your breath that they’ll be answered by the end of it.

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