Impact 1/5/15 Review

I keep saying that I’m going to start TNA reviews so no time like the beginning of the year to start. TNA are finally going to crown their champion so a real good starting point.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Bobby Lashley vs EC3
Winner : EC3

Eric Young vs Matt Hardy

Bobby Roode (c) vs Bram

The Beautiful People / Gail Kim vs The Doll House

EC3 vs Matt Hardy
Winner : EC3

Dixie Carter / EC3 / Matt Hardy / Eric Young / Bobby Lashley

So Dixie is in the ring talking about their new home and how they are going to make their 15th year the best year so far. I’ve never thought Dixie was that interesting in the ring but EC3 on the other hand is brilliant.

In the end it just ended up a brawl which I thought was OK. Then again seeing Eric Young beating people up is what I live for so it was all happy days for me. Not a bad opening segment.

Bobby Lashley vs EC3
EC3 wins by pin fall

Good opening match. I liked how they went for a quick win but EC3 used his smarts to get out of the ring and with Tyrus keeping a watch on him giving him the time to get his head back straight.

I do think the middle dragged a little but when Lashley wasn’t being grounded it had a lot of good moments. Obviously we also had Tyrus on the outside which was always going to be Lashley’s down fall but it was done alright.

Really like EC3 though, he’s extremely exciting to watch in the ring and one of the best on the mic.

Kurt Angle / Drew Galloway / Jessie Godderz / Eli Drake

You do have to give it to Josh Matthews, he knows just how to big up Angle. There is something about the guy that makes me excited every time I see him for no real reason at all. His speech was emotional but it was mainly there to announce that his opponent next week is going to be Drew Galloway.

Quite like the opening segment this one ended up just getting stuffed full of people who wanted their say. Drew came down to thank Kurt Angle before Jessie Godderz came down to tell people he’s wonderful, I even love the fact that Eli Drake came out and Jessie didn’t care about a single word that Eli was saying as he stood there posing.

Jessie and Eli make a impromptu team before getting their asses handed to them.

Jeff Hardy

Avoids answering questions in such a unique way. I like how Matthews says that he answered the question because he didn’t really. That is why I like the Hardys though.

Eric Young vs Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy wins by pin fall

Young is pretty sure he’s already won the match so gets the ref to start counting him out. Unfortunately Matt is perfectly fine, other then a limp.

I liked this match more then the other one. Hardy didn’t let a limp keep him down though Young just doesn’t bloody care anymore. I’ve been a big fan of EY for a very long time but this Young is just amazing.

The piledriver outside of the ring looked horrible but not as horrible as Hardy getting a Twist of Fate out of nowhere and winning the match moments later. I guess I should never have thought anything other then that would be the outcome but I kind of hoped that EY would get it after the piledriver.

Bobby Roode (c) vs Bram
Bobby Roode wins by pin fall

Brams mic time at the beginning of the match was terrible. The crowd reacted about as much as if they’d just seen a fly come out to challenge Roode.

Roode always had Brams number no matter what it was that Bram was doing. In fact Bram never truly got any real kind of offence going. The match was boring, they ruined the return of James Storm by starting up Beer Moneys music instead of Roodes.

I do hope with the return of Beer Money we might get ourselves a return of the Beermobile.

The Beautiful People / Gail Kim vs The Doll House
The Beautiful People / Gail Kim by pin fall

Enjoyed the match a lot. Some of the best female wrestlers about. Both teams got a good go at it. I liked how it went completely crazy and the ref just let it go on. Some really good moves in there, I always love seeing Jade kick people. Two really good teams too.

If anything though I felt it didn’t really give them a chance to really go at it. It felt like they rotated once then went crazy then ended with bodies all over the place.

After the match Kong came down and aligned herself with The Dolls House. Bad news for the Knockouts.

Mike Bennett / Maria Kanellis

I’m kinda meh about them showing up. I mean I am interested in seeing where it goes and its a good signing for TNA but I kind of turned off my attention when they started talking.

EC3 vs Matt Hardy
EC3 wins by pin fall

You know it wasn’t a bad match and it was nice to see EC3 getting the title back. I mean it wasn’t the best match in the world but it kept my interest for the majority of it.

It was interesting having Tyrus leave without any kind of attempt to stay though I think it just ended up making EC3 look better. I would kind of be happy to see less of Tyrus with EC3 and give him a chance to go out like he did in this match without anyone having to worry about Tyrus.

I think there was some moments in the match where they redid the same thing over and over again and it got a bit long winded but it was a good match.

Final Thoughts : 

I’m sorry the review wasn’t the best. I started to review it whilst watching it then my laptop ran out of juice so I had to write notes, after that I threw the notes away and couldn’t be bothered to rewatch so I just went from what I know.

Hopefully I’ll be doing Impact a bit more often, well once is more then what I’ve done before, and the blogs will be much better then what you got this time.

Happy to see Beer Money back together, that could be a great thing for TNA. Really like Storm and I was never sure what WWE were gonna do with him so nice to see him back in TNA and with Bobby.

I kinda rushed the review more then I was purely because I’m not going to be around for RAW tonight so wanted something wrestling related mixed in with all the anime stuff. But watch this space.

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