365 Challenge : This is your life

Give me the chance to read the story of my life and I possibly would have to turn you away.

The thing is I’d be interested in reading it. I’d love to read my past. Memory is a horrible thing and even if you remember something your perception of the event changes with time. Something that was once a lovely memory could be tainted by a more cynical viewpoint later in life. So I’d love to be able to sit back and read quite plainly everything that ever happened.

Remember that time that you got a award you completely forgot about? Or that time you made a awesome piece of art? Or that friend who is but a mere memory?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Why I’d give it back though is because as much as I’d love to remember my past I don’t want my future spoilt for me.

I guess some people would like forewarning. Some people might like to think they’d be able to change what came next. Some just don’t mind spoilers.

For me it would remove all the magic of life. Yes I go through hard times but its the amazing moments that make life worth living! I might like to be told that at some point something amazing would happen to me or be able to prepare myself for something awful but it would take the whole point of living through these moments away from me. If I knew that this amazing, wonderful thing was going to happen tomorrow why would I be happy to see it happen? I knew it was going to happen so its more then just seeing how it plays out. If I knew something terrible was going to happen the day after I’m not going to enjoy the day before any more then I would have if I didn’t know the bad thing was going to happen, forcing myself to enjoy the good thing because the bad thing is happening too is just letting the bad thing take control of my life.

Maybe on my death bed I’d like to read it sure.

Then again technically we are already reading our own story from cover to cover just by being alive.

Would you really want to spoil the rest of your life by already knowing the good and the bad that happens?

Talk to us!

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