Prince of Stride Alternative : On Your Mark – The Beginning of Destiny

Episode 1

“ON YOUR MARK Unmei no hajimari” (ON YOUR MARK 運命のはじまり)

Will it be reviewed : YES
By : Luc

The first of the Winter Season anime’s that we watched was Prince of Stride.

As you might know we are reviewing the first episode of every anime in the season and choosing which ones we really want to watch afterwards. We also haven’t actually read any synopsis on any of the shows so we’re going in on a complete blank.

I don’t know why but it took me by surprise even with a name like Prince of Stride that it was about sports and I don’t know why.

Even by the end of the episode I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what Stride was, it seemed to be some sort of urban running thing but if I’m honest it wasn’t the most important part of the story, or at least for me it wasn’t. The characters themselves and their group are what will keep me watching over the actual Stride stuff.

I quite liked seeing Yagami go from activity to activity before getting dragged along to Stride by Fujiwara who himself is a bit of a strange character.

My only problem really was that it just felt like stuff just happened. There was no real development or a feeling of something being important. They managed to build a few small mysteries of sorts but it kind of tried to do so much in such a small space that it kind of failed to do anything. It tried to introduce all the characters, the club, Stride and a little bit of backstory for the club all in one and ended up feeling messy.

That being said the strength of the characters meant that you were kind of engaged the whole time.

I loved watching Yagami trying out for clubs, there was a lot of comedy mined out of it and I thought it was done really well. It honesty had some of the best laugh out loud moments.

Nana Sakurai is the character I think you have to watch. I think she’s going to be a pretty important part of the whole show.

So after finishing the race together at the end of the episode it looks like Yagami is 100% in the Stride club and I’m hoping Episode 2 will expand much more on all the characters.

Anyone else watching?


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