365 Challenge : 1984

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
H. P. Lovecraft

Today’s prompt reminds me of a episode of Doctor Who. The God Complex. In it a group of people including the Doctor, Amy and Rory are trapped in a hotel with a Minotaur feasting off of the fear of the people inside.

We only get to see inside some of the rooms but all their fears are different. From ventriloquist dolls to clowns.

For me though the one that truly touched me was Amy Ponds. It wasn’t a near death experience with Weeping Angels or something else mundane and normal that she had to face up with. What Amy had in her room was Little Amelia Pond. It was part of a story showing how the Doctor had entered a child’s life and through a mistake had messed that girl up but she’d never given up on the Doctor. Amy’s fear was a mixture of growing up and being abandoned, or at least I felt like it was a mixture, many people thought it was just one or the other but I believe for poor Amy both were pretty much the same thing.

I think if I had to face my own fear something like that would probably be behind my door. I don’t think it would be something you could see like a clown or a spider or something else. If it was my door inside would be something deep inside me that I don’t think about, that I can’t think about and that I won’t think about. Emotions that you relabel so that even if you know that they hurt you you can’t quite remember why they’ve been filed away any more.

Amy never gave up hoping the Doctor would show up and save her. Her parents had been erased and this mad man in a box had shown up and promised her the world, she waited for him (the Girl that Waited) and he came back years and years later after everyone she knew thought she was crazy. Because she never gave up and he rewarded her faith in him by actually showing up in the end she did live a dangerous life under the blind faith the Doctor would make it alright in the end. Something the Doctor can never really promise his companions.

It possibly isn’t something Amy Pond would have ever thought of until she’d been forced to come face to face with it. So how would I know what my fear would be till I opened the door?


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