Assassination Classroom : Summer Festival Time

First Period

“Natsumatsuri no Jikan” (夏祭りの時間)

So without further ado lets just go straight into Season 2.

It starts where the last episode ended, the last evening of their holiday….

It was a nice episode. For me it felt like a filler because we just caught up with Season 1 but for anyone who hasn’t seen it since broadcast or maybe saw a few episodes again during the time its been off our screens it would have been a nice welcome back.

All the humour is thrown right back at us, everything that we loved about the first Season. If I had seen it properly on transmission it would have felt like it had never gone away.

The first half was hilarious, seeing Koro-Sensei bonding with his students. Its hard to remember sometimes that he’s this super creature that is going to blow up the Earth if he isn’t killed beforehand when he sobs because he wanted to match make his students and failed. It was so funny but at the same time it just showed that even though he’s a threat, he’s a teacher and he doesn’t look human he’s actually very attached to the students and on many of their levels.

I have read so far into the manga, haven’t read anything for a while though, so the “love story” of Irina and Karasuma I’ll continue to just not want to happen. I love both as characters but just feel there is no need to put them together.

I mean I kind of understand Irina and the way she feels, he’s the only person that has failed to fall for her charm and all that, but she’s also young so it isn’t really love so much as her actually making a bond with someone who doesn’t just want to sleep with her because she’s good looking. He has no interest whatsoever in her so if they ended up in a relationship for me it would feel stupidly forced.

As for the students I don’t really see any relationships forming there. They all seem to have so much respect for each other that I just don’t see where the relationships would really bloom from. They feel much more like a family, though it would be interesting to see if some relationships do bloom and if they do whether or not they feel as forced as Irina/Karasuma does.

The second half of the episode had me in stitches. I don’t often laugh out loud but I couldn’t stop. From Koro-Sensei begging people to come to the festival with him, including Lovro who told him to stop being silly, to having to work when there because he had no spending money. Koro-Sensei was on fine form. It was also nice to see all the students figuring out that their abilities they are learning in the classroom to kill Koro-Sensei can be used in other ways, unfortunately that does also include being able to kind of cheat their way to lots of prizes.

It was a soft episode to return us to the series. I don’t really know if it had any kind of effect on me that it should have had because I had only finished watching season one a day or so before it started but what I do know is that from the manga it was pretty much perfectly adapted. As anyone who saw my manga reviews would know I used a panel from the manga version of the haunted cave/match making thing as the featured image on the manga’s because it was one of my favourite Koro-Sensei moments.

With all the fun out of the way though if I’m honest I can’t wait to get back to the assassinations and school work.

How did everyone else enjoy the return of Assassination Classroom? I’m interested in hearing how people who watched on transmission and haven’t seen season 1 since felt about the episode.

One thought on “Assassination Classroom : Summer Festival Time”

  1. It was my fav bits in the manga! I love how Koro-Sensei is allowed to show a very childish side to himself. Him telling Lovro he’d fly out and pick him up and then ending the phone call in tears saying “come try and kill me any time” just made me giggle!

    I wanna go to a festival with KoroSensei!

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