Assassination Classroom : Takaoka Time

Episode 21

“Takaoka no Jikan” (鷹岡の時間)

We are running through assassins like nobodies business and no we’re nearing the end game. The title of the episode gives it away, the actual anime named it XXX Time until the big reveal in the middle. Seeing I’m way late on the episode though I felt no big need to keep the title hidden.

First off they need to defeat Gastro which they once more do with the help of a teacher. Koro-Sensei sits front and centre in the ballroom and shouts orders at the kids both with their names, their student numbers and their nicknames.

Having confused Gastro they were able to distract him long enough for Chiba to shoot a lighting bracket to unnerve Gastro and Hayami to shoot the gun out of his hand.

With him out of the way there is only one more guy to fight and that is the big boss. Takaoka, the military guy that came to be their teacher and Nagisa beat to make leave again. He’s gone even crazier then before and has started scratching the skin off of his face. Never planning on playing fair he ends up on the helipad with Nagisa ready to enact some revenge, unfortunately he only ends up making him even angrier as he blows up the antidotes he’d promised if they complied with him.

I think its a great place for the anime to end it, obviously we have the conclusion in the final episode of the season but now seeing where it’ll end its a great way to do so.

Its very obvious from the fact that most of the story is narrated by Nagisa that he was going to be “special” and it isn’t so much that he’s better then everyone, he has his own strengths and they tend to be much more assassin-ish traits. Lovro obviously see’s it as does his teachers and its obvious that we’ll have to see a pay off of all the attention in the background to Nagisa at some point so ending the season showing what he can do now is a great way to do it.

Not only that though I think its important that the “main villain” of season 1 is someone like Takaoka.

The overall feeling of the season is that as bad as Koro-Sensei might be, therefore needing to kill him, he’s also the only person that really cares about the kids and their welfare. You always get that feeling that nobody cares and nobody understands them, highlighted with Chiba and Hayami in recent chapters with flashes to their personal life and their parents being disappointed in them.

Takaoka is the embodiment of that personal life. He wants them to think of him as their father yet he treats them like shit to install discipline. He talks and looks down on them and underestimates them. That was his downfall the first time and it’ll be his downfall this time too.

For me its gearing up to be a real wake up call to the students, a lesson that Koro-Sensei possibly didn’t realise he was teaching them. In some ways I guess, going back to his comment about them doing it on their own, this is what he meant. Even for “disappointments” I’m guessing the security of family is a comfort to them. If enough people tell you that you are useless then you start to believe it. The work they’ve done in the hotel up to this point is something to be proud of, the failed assassination attempt was something they should have felt proud of. If Nagisa defeats this towering “father figure” then maybe they’ll realise that their parents expectations of them mean little if they carry on and find their own place in the world.

Either way two more reviews to go… The final episode of Season one and the first episode of Season two.


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