Assassination Classroom : Nagisa Time

Episode 22

“Nagisa no Jikan” (渚の時間)

As I was catching up there is no time to wipe a tear and think about Season 1. There is no point as I’m going to write this review, sit down and watch episode 1 of Season 2 and then just move on. I will have a review of sorts of Season 1 as a whole up at some point purely for our new Anime section which we’re working on.

Regardless. Back to Nagisa, his knife and Takaoka.

There are many things I liked about this episode. It felt like a true culmination of everything that has happened so far in the series.

For a start it was interesting seeing Nagisa go into the blood lust zone, the way he’s able to taunt people as well. You wouldn’t think he had it in him looking at him but he’s quite scary when he gets started.

Then you have just how far the class has come. Terasaka in particular. He’s the voice of reason in the clouded world of Nagisa, throwing him his stun baton and telling him that Takaoka isn’t worth killing, so kill him within a inch of his life. Its followed up by a nice speech by Koro-Sensei and the feeling of the episode is made quite clear.

Of course you then have a slight swerve, we never saw what Lovro taught Nagisa so when he puts his stun baton away and carries on with the knife at first you aren’t sure what is going to happen. Then all of a sudden you get a well done “assassination” without Nagisa killing anyone.

It did feel like if anything the defeat of Takaoka was the biggest hurdle the class had to deal with. So much of it had to push them further then they have been pushed to this point and it showed their strength as a team and their compassion for each other. Its a story line that cements them as a family and gives the anime room to play with emotions later, as now we know the lengths each classmate will go to if it meant saving someone else you don’t ever want to see someone turn their back on their class.

Everyone in the hotel group had a moment to shine. Karma finally looked in front of him instead of down on everyone, the two snipers got some confidence injected into them, they all played a part in pretty much every plan and learnt valuable lessons up and down the place. The three assassins they faced were just paid to do what they did and even admired the work the class put into rescuing their classmates.

It felt like a real social barrier had been torn down for the class and they realised that they can do just about anything as a team. Yeah it might sound bad saying you don’t need your family, and that wasn’t quite the message, but they don’t need anyone but themselves to get further in their lives. Its a confidence boost that they never would have had without the unique life given to them by Koro-Sensei.

It was also perfect that the series actually ended with the whole lot of them attempting to kill a over excited Koro-Sensei who just wanted to play with them all on the beach before having to go home. Kind of felt like ending where we started but it also showed how far they’d come. In the first episodes it was all “we’ll never be able to do this” and actually felt pretty gloomy, this time out they all had plans, back up plans and were always thinking. Koro-Sensei seemed very pleased with them as well.

It ended perfectly really. What more could you ask of the series?


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