Dickensian : Episode 6

We ended last week with Bob Cratchit being arrested and that is exactly where we are going to start this week.

Possibly the best episode so far! Even with three different stories running through the episode the focus was perfectly split between the stories.

Robert Wilfort continues to embody the spirit of goodwill and kindness in his portrayal of Bob Cratchit. He was given much more to do in the episode then in previous episodes and played well off of Inspector Bucket. It was interesting to see the two play off each other and even more interesting to see the back and forth between Bucket and Mr Venus (Omid Djalili) which served to show Bucket’s working out.

The other two stories were that of the Havishams and the Bumbles. The Bumbles are hardly ground breaking drama, more the comedic relief (as is Fanny Biggetywitch and Mrs Gamp) and there was hardly anything meaty going on with the Havishams other then to show that Amelia has fallen for Compeyson’s tricks.

In all it was a great episode. It was nice to see the Cratchits get something good happen to them even if its pretty obvious that he’s still the number one suspect. It was nice to see everyone happy as well and I always love to see Stephen Rea have more TV time.

I still think that we’re no where near figuring out who killed Marley but I’m happy its taking a little more TV time over other stories.

There is actually so many stories you could get out of this and I’m a little sad that it feels like its putting so much into one series. I don’t know if they were ever going to do a second but if there was a thought to it then cramming two seasons worth of stories into one doesn’t show much hope.

More episodes like this!

I’m still not sure who I think killed Marley. To be honest I’m starting to think it’ll be a completely out of the blue character maybe not introduced yet! I struggle to think of any name beginning with C that could pop up though but I really honestly think its going to end up being someone we’d never think of!

I like the way the Barbary’s are going too, they aren’t interesting enough to be the main focus of the show in my opinion but drop them in here and there for a small bit and I’m happy.

Still though I just think its the most beautiful thing that the BBC have done. I guess it is what they do best but I’m just hooked! Its done what American TV has done well in recent years really well with shows like Hannibal and Bates Motel which gives us old classic characters and gives them new exciting stories to tell. I was worried I’d get so caught up in who is who that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it for what it was but it was perfect to me!

Still…. Who the hell is the killer?!

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