RAW 1/4/15 Review

There seems to be some breaking news about a load of guys being signed by WWE just before RAW starts but with Reigns vs Sheamus tonight I don’t care right now.

Quick Matches Overlook :

Neville vs Kevin Owens

Stardust vs Titus O’Neil

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

Ryback vs Big Show
Winner : RYBACK (DQ)

League of Nations vs The Usos

Dolph Ziggler vs Heath Slater

New Day vs Dudley Boys / Kalisto
Winner : NEW DAY

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns(c)

Stephanie McMahon / Roman Reigns

We don’t even get the McMahons being allowed to walk down to the ring without Roman Reigns coming down with them. He doesn’t actually have to be in every segment with the McMahons or has WWE forgotten that?

It was a much better segment then last week, mainly because last week was stupid. Stephanie and Roman is the way to go, they definitely have the better chemistry out the owners vs Roman stuff. Keep it short, keep it sweet and don’t try to be cute.

Neville vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

A repeat of last week with Ambrose at ring side. Just what I wanted. In fact I already read we also get a re-match of Show vs Ryback so two of the most annoying matches of last week once more this week. Creative know how to treat us.

The match started and I groaned with Neville taking complete control and the only reason a fast victory didn’t come was because Owens kept rolling out of the ring. Then Owens finally got some momentum on his side, took control of the match and slowed it down. Thankfully also calming down Ambrose who is fun at commentary but needs to remember to breath.

When we came back from the ad break Owens is basically back to what he was doing after the match last week to Neville but there was a good reversal which then gave us a 360 splash from the ring apron to the floor from Neville which was awesome. It felt kinda boring though.

After he got the win obviously Owens carried on with his attack on Neville just for Ambrose to stop it. Worth it all for Ambrose running along the barrier and landing the elbow on Owens. Their feud is great just lets stop with Neville being the beaten up victim of Owens.

Stardust vs Titus O’Neil
Titus O’Neil wins by pin fall

We come back from a ad break with these two in the ring and a actual fight going down.

The match was great and it was nice seeing Stardust and O’Neil carry on their thing from backstage into the ring. It really felt like they underplayed the whole thing though which was a shame. There was a great back and forth between them and the match felt slightly short but it was good.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch wins by pin fall

I don’t get what they are trying to do with Charlotte but I think it was timed wrong, I don’t like having Ric at ring side all the time I prefer just having Charlotte.

Match wise though it was a good and well matched fight. When Becky came up I was a bit meh about it all. I liked  Becky a lot but she wasn’t the best and even though she’d been in good matches she was only a step up from Bayley and had a lot of work to do. Like the main roster Divas though she took the challenge and recently she’s been bloody lethal in the ring when given a chance.

I don’t like the storyline much. The matches though are great, as I said Becky has come so far and they work really well in the ring together. I’m happy they had Becky win by holding the tights but Charlotte can honestly do all this without her dad at ring side. She’s going to be great at the top of the Divas Division for as long as she’s there but having her dad with her ruins it a little. The beat down after the match was good but again would be better without Daddy calling the shots.

Ryback vs Big Show
Ryback wins by DQ

As boring as it was last week with Bray Wyatt and his family coming after both of them attacking Ryback first (which is why I think he won by DQ) and then circling Show before taking out Show too.


When do we ever get a answer to why Bray Wyatt is doing something? His feud with Ryback was terrible and lasted like 3 weeks whenever that was in 2015 but I don’t think this is a feud of any kind I think they are just going to start attacking people for no reason.

League of Nations vs The Usos
League of Nations win by pin fall

I was excited to see the League coming out. Then the Usos came out and I went back to sleep.

The League kicked the Usos asses. There were some moments that the Usos looked good but they really aren’t anything like as good as we keep being told. Rusev and Del Rio worked really well together for a team that hasn’t really worked together before. They have similar enough styles that it works really well and its the best way to ground a team like the Usos.

Then again the more Del Rio stomps on people the more confused I am as to why people would sit in the ring ropes at 90 degrees. They are a great looking tag team though. Happy they won, League of Nations need to be taken seriously.

Dolph Ziggler vs Heath Slater
Heath Slater wins by pin fall

Well just before RAW I’d seen Slater, Rose, Axel and Dallas tweeting together so it wasn’t surprising to see the four of them come together for Slaters match.

Unfortunately as happy as I am to see Slater on TV, and the other guys, I have to say I was a little disappointed and the commentators from time to time seemed rather confused as to what was happening and the crowd were dead.

It was obvious that they were gonna give Slater the win but it was so sloppy. As much as I like Slater though it should be Dallas that is the spokesperson. In fact the ending was terrible too, it could have been funny but it felt disorganized. It was messy. They need one of them to be the spokesperson and they need to stick to that person.

Saying all that I think they are my new favorite thing.

New Day

Just how far into this Unicorn thing New Day has gone is perfect. Though they weren’t half as good as they usually were, I didn’t think the Tyson joke was even half as funny as it was probably meant to be but who cares because we got a count down. And Countdowns in WWE mean only one thing….

Chris Jericho

Y2J is back and he’s going to save the WWE! He enters himself into the Royal Rumble and his whole piece insulting New Day was one of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen. Jericho can never return enough for me, I don’t care if I get over hyped every other month for his return I just love Jericho.

New Day vs Lucha Dragons / Dudley Boys
New Day win by pin fall

Well they were put on the back foot having been anihalated in the charisma war against Jericho and it showed  in the match as the Dudleys and Kalisto took complete control of the match. There were some great moments and I loved seeing Bubba through Kalisto around.

When we get back from the break Big  E just about took control of the match.

Think I enjoyed the match much more because both teams looked like they were enjoying themselves. New Day always look like they are having fun in the ring but Bubba looked like he really enjoyed throwing around Kalisto and doing really strange high risk moves with him.

Good win for New Day though.

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns(c)
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

The match wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was still not as good as you’d want it to be but it wasn’t bad.

Of course there were some “funny” moments and a lot of trying to screw Roman Reigns over but the majority of the match in the ring was really good. Sheamus got a lot of the offence, obviously, whilst Roman did what Roman does best.

It was a little early in his title reign for all this shit. I mean it did its job, Reigns looked great throughout the whole match and his losing it with McMahon and going all out on Sheamus afterwards and the fans got right behind him but it was just too much at once. Reigns didn’t need it, it was the shake up he needed in his story but it just went too far. The ending where Vince looked perfectly fine but didn’t count the three count for Sheamus just for Armstrong to come down and get a tw0 count and then another twist.

It was sloppy.

Then again it did its just I guess. It was stupid but it worked.

Roman Reigns needs to defend his title in the Royal Rumble match? I like it and hate it all at the same time.

Final Thoughts :

It was a much better RAW. I mean there are still things you can improve but it was timed better, better matches and overall just felt like someone put some thought into it.

Too much trying to get cheap heat by the McMahons on Roman but I guess its a interesting enough way to go with Roman.

League of Nations need to be built up seriously. They can win matches without needing to cheat so build them up that way and make them a actual threat later in the year. You also have the Wyatt’s who look to be going down the horsemen of the apocalypse road which is a great way to go with them and whilst building up League if you give them the chance to shine they could be brilliant. A match up between LoN and The Wyatts in a few months could be electric. I guess it all depends how long Barrett is out and whether or not they can slip someone else in as a replacement.

I love the Social Outcasts but I think they should go the whole hog. Fandango, Sandow and Ryder should join and they should be the voice of the fans or some such thing. One thing is really for sure they need to get the fans behind them and fast.

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