Assassination Classroom : Demon Time

Episode 19

“Fukuma no Jikan” (伏魔の時間)

The students have a plan to get into the hotel and save the rest of their classmates. Or at least they have the beginnings of a plan and a lot of heart.

Koro-Sensei’s speech in the middle about it feeling like Vacation because the class have to overcome obstacles without the help of their teacher rang pretty hollow in the face of it.

This episode didn’t really have them do anything without the help of their teachers. Koro-Sensei’s belief in them got them up the cliff side, they appointed Karasuma as their leader and Irina distracted guards for them in the lobby whilst Karasuma took out the first of three assassins we now know are wandering the halls ready to send word to their boss.

I guess his mumblings did come after Karasuma had been paralysed but its still a far cry from truly doing it alone.

That isn’t taking anything away from them but its a speech I’d kind of been more interested in hearing after this fight between Grip and Karma.

What this episode has shown is just how far they’ve all come. Fuwa is able to identify Smog as the guy that poisoned them with such quickness. Karma isn’t afraid of just brutal strength but he’s also looking at his opponent instead of looking down on everyone. This whole plot looks to showcase more students and their strengths and weaknesses.

Which has always been the strong part of Assassination Classroom. Each student is as important as all others and if they do end up assassinating Koro-Sensei it will be as a team and not a individual. Every character has their own unique personality and way of doing things. Its a big class as well so its impressive that they have taken their time to give each character their own uniqueness.

The episode seemed to fly by though. It didn’t feel as long and so much happened yet didn’t happen. The fight with Smog took seconds, Irina’s bit took seconds. Even though it was a normal length episode it felt like seconds had passed between Karasuma struggling to get both KoroSensei and Bitch-Sensei up the mountain to Karma taking on Grip.

Also not sure why they tied up Smog and put him under a coffee table. Doesn’t look like it’ll do fuck all to stop if him if wants to move.

It’ll be the next episode that is interesting. I can’t remember how they defeated Grip but his pure strength does make me wonder how Karma does it. I vaguely remember how the rest of it goes but its this one fight I can’t remember too well.


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