Assassination Classroom : Action Time

Episode 18

“Kekkō no Jikan” (決行の時間)

Well it is time for the students to put their biggest and best plan so far into action to try and assassinate Koro-Sensei. Whether or not they succeed we’ll have to wait and see.

The best part of the episode was how well planned everything was. In fact other then the fact I don’t want Koro-Sensei to be assassinated any time soon I felt it was a bit of a cheap trick to give him yet another death defying safety net.

The kids got him in a chapel like thing surrounded by water, they knew when high tide was and timed a public Koro-Sensei shaming video long enough that he wouldn’t notice the water seeping in. They then destroyed the chapel itself and instead made a cage with hover boards out of water, they’d already scented a couple of dummies to smell like Chiba and Hayami in the woods to put him off their actual scent and everything was pretty much perfect. In fact later on Ritsu told Chiba if his bullet was 0.5 of a second faster he’d have had 50% chance of killing Koro-Sensei.

The plan really showed how far they’d come. The whole class was behind it, they all worked to their strengths and it was pretty much a perfect plan.

Koro-Sensei had another trick up his sleeve though and focused his energy into one big explosion and became a crystallised ball.

As I said above, I don’t want Koro-Sensei to be assassinated and with a whole handful of episodes left I knew he wouldn’t be assassinated, that doesn’t stop me thinking it was a terrible thing for the class to have to go through. They were so disappointed that they couldn’t even take comfort in the kind words Koro-Sensei gave them afterwards.

Of course this is all just a distraction from the main drama that will end out the first season of Assassination Classroom.

When returning to the hotel half the class fall ill and Karasuma gets a mysterious phone call telling him to send the two smallest members of the class still remaining (just so happens to be Nagisa and Kayano) with Koro-Sensei and they’ll swap him for the antidote.

Right from the minute the phone rings Koro-Sensei is ordering people about getting things sorted and it looks like what could be the end of the road for Koro-Sensei will actually be a brilliant training session for the remaining students.

The best part about the episode was that its high energy flowed all through it. Koro-Sensei’s assassination is the number one priority of the show and it could have ended the episode on a downer with the kids upset or a cliffhanger of them being sick, to build up the next episode just kept the momentum going well. It feels like it is flowing much better.

This was one of my favourite stories in the manga as well so I’m excited to see how it plays out in the anime.


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