New Year Clean up!

You possibly haven’t noticed but we’ve slowly been cleaning up the page. As Anna did a lot of work today I thought I’d let you know what’s going on. It isn’t much and possibly doesn’t deserve attention brought to it but personally I think its nice to see!

First up the extra pages we have all now have new shiny titles and some shiny other things. This spruce up, especially on the Author pages will continue but obviously at a slower pace as we decide what design we want for them. So click on our About page or any of the staff pages to check that out!

Obviously with Strictly being gone (not that we got past week 5 again!) Strictly has been taken off the menu bar as has Doctor Who which is in its off season (though Doctor Who’s menu has just been hidden under TV.) We also look like we removed the Photography button but in actual fact we’ve just hidden it under Real Life.

Real Life is not going to be the name of the section forever, for all the fancy stuff Anna has done today she couldn’t come up with a better name! It’ll be the easy way to find our daily blogs, blogs on depression and anxiety as well as the creative blogs.

All graphics that have been half assed up until now are going to be spruced up a little too in time! The only graphic I think that had any real thought put into it was the Gaming Babble one which will be staying.

Finally she’s also updated our wallpaper! Nothing special or fancy, just different pictures on the side. Beforehand it was just something she’d thrown together now it actually means a little more to the blog as they are photos of some of our most favourite things.

Let us know what you think!


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