Assassination Time : End-of-Term Time

Episode 15

“Kimatsu no Jikan” (期末の時間)

There is nothing like end of term tests to start the drama up once more and this is exactly what happens in episode 15.

Not that having to kill your own teacher is dramatic enough hey?

I feel like my Assassination Classroom blogs can all start with telling you something I love about Assassination Classroom.

This time out I guess its the fact that the premise of the whole show is Koro-Sensei = Bad Guy who is going to blow up the world but the REAL bad guy is not Koro-Sensei but the school system itself.

I mean we’ve had a few Assassination attempts in the last few catch-up episodes but the real drama and the real emotion comes more from the Class 3-E students trying their best to over come a system developed to make them feel like shit. To prove that they are the worst of society that the other students are allowed to treat as badly as they want as a reward for those students having high marks in their tests.

Its a terrible system that allows for the most horrid attitudes to people viewed as being “below” a standard set by a sociopath.

The truth behind it all being the kids in 3-E are just as smart and able as the kids above them but they all suffer from outside problems that make it difficult for them to be outright smart. They have more emotional maturity and more day to day smarts then the other students. I mean I am rather smart myself but I hated revising and I hated tests and nothing I ever had to take a test for in school ever mattered the second I stepped out from school. I’m in a generation that seems to be stuck between people being told that the world will be their oyster as long as they got good grades and a generation that is being helped to work by having non-academic lessons such as a wider and better guided NVQ system. In a way I shared that because in life I feel a little bit like the kids in 3-E but it doesn’t mean I’m someone that anyone that has done better then  me should look down on. In some ways I’m better equipped to live a adult life then some of my friends who went to university.

Anyway the point is that this episode introduced antagonists the same age as the kids. Class A’s top 5 students who Koro-Sensei wants them to beat. If they beat them in individual areas then they’ll be able to shoot off one tentacle which makes Koro-Sensei much slower.

Of course the kids in Class A don’t think they are a challenge, though they do at some point realise that they aren’t the worst of the worst in certain subjects.

So a challenge is made and whoever gets the most top scores will be able to force the other group to do one thing.

Of course Asano’s son is one of the top students and he’s already come up with a loophole in their winning statement. Its one agreement with 50 terms to it. Class E has Koro-Sensei’s idea of taking a holiday from the top of the school.

Course Asano isn’t going to make it easy for the students and already has the teachers working extra time to come up with the hardest questions they can think of. He’s also fighting a war with his own son who wants to outsmart his father and find out what he is hiding in Class 3-E.

All in all its starting to gather some speed.

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