Assassination Classroom : Vision Time

Episode 14

“Bijon no Jikan” (ビジョンの時間)

Its time for a reintroduction of a old friend and to see one of the biggest weaknesses so far of Koro-Sensei.

I like how these episodes tend to focus on different students and their problems. Not one of the kids in the class seem to have been let off having a backstory and that is nice. Its obvious that Nagisa is special so it would be so easy to make the story all about him, having it about all of them makes it really feel bigger.

This time out its a strange story as we go into the head space of the bully Terasaka.

He doesn’t hide the fact he’s a bully, in fact he seems pretty proud of the fact that he got as far as he did being a bully. He also isn’t stupid or proud enough to realise that the life he thought he’d have by being a bully would help him in anyway now. His foul temper comes from the fact that after realising that the people he’d terrorised in school became his terrorisers after falling into 3-E and would continue to be above him for the rest of his life, being in 3-E at least gave him another class of misfits who he could in some way bully, who had no hope like him. Koro-Sensei had given them hope but Terasaka never had the confidence in himself to do anything else so he just became angrier at the world.

That is where his humility shone this episode. He knows he can’t be the brains of the outfit and is easily manipulated by Shiro into helping them but he doesn’t go off embarrassed by the fact he comes back and demands that Karma bosses him about so that he can help.

It was great character development for a character that you wouldn’t think you could really like in any way. It humanised him. Nearly everyone in the world has been bullied at some time and a school bully can sometimes be painted as this irredeemable evil that doesn’t deserve your time of day. Of course Terasaka didn’t exactly do anything to prove that he isn’t a git but by simply making him feel like he belongs to a group and doesn’t have to lash out means that his character can be redeemed.

The return of course was of Shiro and Itona who take advantage of two things. First that Koro-Sensei has made a pool for his students in a lake and secondly that Koro-Sensei’s tentacles swell when he’s in the water.

In a interesting twist to the tale the kids in 3-E have to work together to SAVE Koro-Sensei’s life.

The line between them saving him for either money reasons or love is blurred as its becoming more and more obvious that Koro-Sensei, and in their own way Karasuma and Irina, are the only adults that believe in the kids in 3-E, the only people that have given them reason to carry on with their heads held high. In fact Koro-Sensei seems to be the only person to even contemplate the idea that they SHOULD hold their heads up high.

Which of course makes for a extremely interesting dilemma don’t you think?

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