Assassination Classroom : Schools Out / 1st Term

Episode 16

“Shūgyō no Jikan Ichi-gakki” (終業の時間・1学期)

The question now is how did the class do in their end of year tests?

Pretty well. Three of the students get top marks in the “normal” classes and the four bottom students in the group get top marks in Home Ec meaning that Koro-Sensei needs to shoot off seven tentacles and even without Home Ec on their side they beat Class A in their bet.

Karma learns a tough lesson on how he can’t just ride his talent all the time to be the best after failing to get top marks in any subject. Koro-Sensei sticks the knife in a little and explains to Karasuma that Karma has a lot of talent but if he just keeps winning or being left to feel like he’s winning then he’ll never be challenged.

The students also put their request in for the holiday that is usually reserved for the best class in the tests (Class A) and get it.

Asano is both pleased and not pleased.

Term ended well.

The thing that interested me was Asano. He both found the positives to all this in his learning system and the negatives. He knows he’ll have to put the boot in on Class E at some point because they can’t be allowed to continue to fight back but at the same time being beaten by the class you are meant to be laughing at suddenly hits hard to the rest of the school. Its true that this kind of set back is only going to make all the kids work harder but unlike Class E who have a teacher that is tailoring their teaching to their strengths, something a Mac 20 super being can do easily, the rest of the school are really just faces in the crowd to teachers who have no time to tailor learning to each individual. So whilst Class E are being built up and have a safety net if they fall, the rest of the school are probably going to be led to a early grave with all this.

It really is where Asano and Koro-Sensei both differ and manage to be the same. Both really truly want the best for the students but one uses the carrot and the other the stick. Koro-Sensei is at a advantage being who he is but at the same time Asano could indeed work harder with his students, instead he builds the school up on fear and right now that fear is really running through all the students.

We have a holiday AND a big assassination coming though as the students decide to take their tentacles on the big trip to the special island that they are going to. Surrounded by water with a -7 tentacle Koro-Sensei? Surely they can’t lose?


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