Assassination Classroom : Island Time

Episode 17

“Shima no Jikan” (島の時間)

This is a shorter review then the others, therefore I didn’t mind having it come out the same day as Episode 15 and 16.

Its not shorter for any negative reasons.

It just so happens that the majority of the episode is setting up for the Assassination to take place in Episode 18 and the other half is very short.

The first half is just before they take off to the island. Kurahashi gets some time to shine by showing off her biology know how whilst Okajima attempts his own assassination using a trap made out of porn magazines. There isn’t much there other then to show off two more students, it did it well and it did it fast. We then see Lovro show up again, he shines a little light on the best snipers, Chiba and Hayami and teaches Nigisa a assassination technique that we don’t see on screen.

When they make it to the island whilst one group takes Koro-Sensei off to do something fun the others start making their plans for that evening.

There was a great bit in the ship when having dinner where the class really show their stuff. Koro-Sensei gets travel sick, the meal is on a boat, he’s tanned  so much they can’t see his facial expressions, kill two birds with one stone and have him do his monthly shed. Not only can he not shed again during the attack they can once more see his facial expressions.

Its all a bit of setting up.

It will be the next episode that will be of interest and that is why I didn’t find much to say about the episode if I’m honest. I loved the porn stuff which made me laugh and I loved seeing Lovro show up and compliment the students so much as well as seeing them work so hard on the planning of this attempt. Next time out should be great.


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