365 Challenge : Kick It

Bucket lists? I’ve never had one and probably never will.

I said yesterday that my New Year Resolutions are hardly something to talk about, simple things that I know I’ll either complete easily or which not completing will still make me smile when I get to the end of the year.

Years ago I had terrible news that I possibly would never be able to have children and since then making big lists of what I want to do with my life really doesn’t seem all that important. I tend to look at life one day at a time and don’t really make too many plans. There is nothing worse then looking at something you really want to do and knowing the probability of doing it is tiny. Its even worse when something on a list like that become impossible.

I guess I’m strange like that.

In fact I’m so strange that when giving advice to people who struggle to find motivation in life I tend to tell them to make a list even though my own version of a Bucket List I guess blew up in my face and made me miserable. Sometimes I feel terrible when my close friend comes to me with advice and I tell her to list things because I know how depressed I get with lists and I don’t even suffer from depression. For her though sometimes it works and that is good but I personally would never want to have a Bucket List of any sort.


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