War and Peace

Another BBC adaptation of a classic to feast our eyes on already in 2016. A all star cast leads one beautiful show.

I have never read “War and Peace” and have no real idea whether I’ll like it or not but the trailers caught my attention so here I am.

There were so many characters to be introduced to in the episode that I was a tad bit overwhelmed. It is such a rich cast with such brilliant actors like Brian Cox, Gillian Anderson and Jim Broadbent with other up and coming stars like Paul Dano, Lily James and James Norton. It instantly emerged you into the politics and games going on but I was neither clever enough or fast enough to pick up on everything.

What I have picked up was so very interesting.

So far the story I’m most interested in is Pierre Bezukhov’s (played by Paul Dano), he’s the softly spoken, bumbling illegitimate son of a rich Duke who dies and leaves him his fortune. He’s a sweet character and really does wander from one predicament to the next. The people around him just see the money involved. He ends up engaged to Helene Kuragin (Tuppence Middleton) who along with her father and brother lost out when a newer will was found leaving the fortune and title to Pierre.

I like the character and kind of hope that the best things happen to him but feel like he’s going to be swindled to hell and back!

Then there are a group of soldiers. You have Prince Andrei Bolkonsky (James Norton) who leaves his pregnant wife behind and looks for glory in the Napoleonic wars. Boris (Aneurin Barnard) and Nikolai Rostov (Jack Lowden) who seem to be willing to go to war for the prestige it’ll bring them. They both leave, well they felt and looked more like girlfriend then anything else, behind…. I say this fully knowing that Nikolai’s “girlfriend” is his cousin.

See? Confusing!

So many stories to follow but I have to say it handled it well. I got a little bit confused but by the end I could tell who was who of the main cast and the main “politics” and stuff of the piece.

Tom Burke is a site favourite, we all love watching him in everything we’ve seen him in and I was a bit disappointed that he seemed to have a interesting time with a bear and a police officer but was not seen again. I’m hoping his character Fedor Dolokhov shows up again because he looked a right asshole and I do like seeing angry Tom Burke.

It is a beautiful series, as most BBC series are, and its made me interested in reading the book!

I can’t wait for the second part!

One thought on “War and Peace”

  1. Loved the battle scenes, beautifully shot they were! Some great actors in the show, loved James Norton and Paul Dano and agree that I wanna see more of Tom Burke! The females were all great, I can’t even remember the name of the one married to Norton’s character but it had me laughing her being so clingy!

    Liked that Stephen Rea and Tuppence Middleton were in this as I love them both in Dickensian too so two great BBC shows with them in makes me happy.

    I’ve only ever read bits and pieces of the book but was planning on reading it at some point this year anyway. Prefer this to the Agatha Christie adaptation of “And then there were none” or whatever it was. That bored me to hell and back.

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