Assassination Classroom : Talent Time

Episode 13

“Sainō no Jikan” (才能の時間)

After having to face the horrors of the schools torture to Class 3-E it doesn’t stop for them as they get a new teacher.

That new teacher just so happens to be a old work colleague of Karasuma’s and also manages to be a bully. Its carrot and stick time, he dangles the carrot (in the form of sweets) to the class to make them feel like a family before punishing anyone who steps out of line with violence.

One thing this episode really made me wonder about was for kids at a school like the one they are going to and the fact that not all of them are delinquents just kids who couldn’t keep up with their studies, hell of a lot of them manage to gob off at authority figures constantly. I am in no way saying that Hiroto or Yukiko deserved to get hit but at the same time it was weird for them to be so vocal about their dislike of their teacher.

Nagisa’s blatant talent shines through in the episode where he uses his head to get close to his target before pouncing. I liked that it was all explained slowly  by Nagisa and was very similar to the move he pulled at the beginning of the series with the grenade.

It wasn’t about the kids becoming stronger though this time out as they seem to have a problem keeping their mouths shut around people anyway, their spirit in gobbing off has never been in question.

No it was Karasuma that grew in the episode. Keeping his professional relationship with his students made him feel like he was going to lose them to Takaoka but in the end he was able to see that the students knew that he cared about them and that he was doing his best for them.

Koro-Sensei has turned from just teaching his students to teaching his teachers too. His overall message being that the kids will understand that he wants the best for them. Karasuma might not treat them or hang about with them but he’s putting his faith in them and doing his best to juggle them being turned into assassins with letting them be as normal as they can be.

It simply is the most important thing for the students.

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