Dickensian : Episode 5

After having a few episode all together it felt like a lifetime between episode 4 and episode 5. Here we are again though back in the world of Dickens.

This episode really truly feels like it was getting us ready for something big. Its starting to feel more and more like a mystery over anything else in every single way.

There are many characters that I’m now so involved in their lives that I can’t wait to see more of it.

I’m starting to worry about Amelia and what is going to happen to her, she’s pretty much the most lovely character in the program other then poor Bob Cratchit who carries on the tradition of being Scrooge’s whipping boy by ending the episode being taken away for Marleys murder!

Once more though it felt like a lot of things happening but nothing really mattering. There are still too many stories trying to be told and not enough focus on one though the Havishams are probably the biggest story as well as possibly the Barbary’s.

I kind of want the series to look more at the murder of Marley then the other stories but they truly have some wonderful actors/actresses in the show that it would be a shame for any of the stories to be missed out. It feels like they could have done two or three series of it following different stories but trying to cram it all into one episode is making it feel disjointed.

Bob Cratchit though is like the spirit of happiness and goodwill and Robert Wilfort is really shining as a star in this. Every time he comes on I just know I’m going to be made to cry from all the happiness he tries to spread. The Cratchits are by far the best of us all. His daughter talking about her hands on her wedding day and him cheering her up. I think my heart broke.

Still…. It feels too much and a little all over the place.

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