Assassination Classroom : Transfer Student Time / 2nd Period

Episode 11

“Tenkōsei no Jikan – Ni-jikan-me” (転校生の時間・2時間目)

As was announced on our Twitter page I will be doing a very quick catch up with Assassination Classroom whose second series starts sometime in the next week I’ve been told. Its only 12 episodes left for us to review so it’ll be two a day and hopefully we won’t over run the second series by too much.

To catch up with what happened before our Episode 1o review can be found here :

This episode introduced the second more powerful transfer student Itona Horibe and his guardian Shiro. Not much is really made clear about them in the whole episode, Shiro is covered from head to foot in a white robe and Itona doesn’t speak much about himself other then to announce he’s stronger then Koro-sensei and that he’s Koro-sensei’s brother.

Of course it was hilarious watching Koro-sensei squirm a little in the episode as things became more dramatic but the best part of the whole episode was the story about how Itona could be Koro-Sensei’s brother. It was a nice little moment out of the drama that reminded us that it isn’t all scary, lets kill Sensei stuff all the time.

The battle between Itona and Koro-Sensei was well played and the speech over the top of it from Shiro did all it needed to do.

Of course Koro-Sensei wins and Itona leaves as he doesn’t like being taught and gets angry when Koro-Sensei starts to lecture at him.

Like most stories though it still really was there to effect the classroom students more then anything. Seeing Itona being able to attack and hurt Koro-Sensei reminded them that they didn’t really honestly think they’d be the ones to kill him. With Ritsu and now Itona coming in as well as having two assassins as teachers it was always in the back of their mind that they’ll just be witness to him being assassinated at some point.

Not only that though as we’ve seen them grow this bond with Koro-Sensei who seems more interested in helping them grow as people then he is anything else the idea that he COULD have family knocked them a little. It became obvious they knew nothing about Koro-Sensei and whilst before hand they knew all they needed to know by now they have that bond that actually they noticed that Koro-Sensei’s attitude only changed when he saw that Itona had tentacles. His attitude changed to that of anger and that stuck with them. Why is Koro-Sensei angry at someone else having tentacles? Especially someone claiming to be his brother?

As Koro-Sensei won’t tell them it becomes obvious to the class that actually if they want to know what is going on, if they really want to finish this THEY need to be the ones to finish Koro-Sensei off.

So we end the episode with the class asking Karasuma for more training, which he’s happy to give them.

Another day and another way to make the rejected class of 3-E feel much better about themselves. Once more Koro-Sensei has managed to instil more worth into his whole class.


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