Assassination Classroom : Ball Game Tournament Time

Episode 12

“Kyūgi Taikai no Jikan” (球技大会の時間)

With the class even more determined to be the ones to take down Koro-Sensei they get thrown into another competition with the main school.

This time the boys have to take on the Baseball club in a exhibition match (the girls also take on the Basketball Club but we don’t get to see that!)

A tale on how to use wits above strength.

Class 3-E don’t get to do the sports day they instead have to play against the Baseball club in a exhibition match at the end. Sugino, being a former member of the club, knows that they have no chance at winning so Koro-Sensei in his way teaches them a valuable lessons whilst Asano attempts to teach the Baseball club a different lesson.

Koro-Sensei has his own weird techniques but it really did help them and it’ll only help them in their quests to become Assassins. The fact that whatever he does is so fast means that something fast to normal people will be slower for his class. For example, he throws the baseball at Koro-Sensei speeds but when it came to the Superstar Shindo even though his fast ball was great it was nothing to Koro-Sensei. The class only learnt how to bunt but also learned a valuable lesson in playing mind games.

I liked that Class 3-E managed to get one over on the rest of the school but what I loved most is that Shindo of all the characters seemed to be the warmest in his own way whilst being a ass in another. I think the humility that he showed at the end plus the experience in general will make him a better person then anything Asano installs in him will. After the adrenaline had washed out he seemed to take the defeat with good humour.

Though I do kind of think it was a chance to say something different at the end. I got what Sugino was saying and I think so did Shindo but it was a chance for Sugino to point out that it was proof that you shouldn’t give up on Class 3-E because they still have the heart to move on. I guess it was a bit too early to say something like that though.

What I didn’t like was that the whole thing was aimed at showing us the baseball game. It didn’t really even mention the basketball game or really showed the girls in training. Koro-Sensei didn’t even have much of a opinion on it wanting to be the fiery baseball coach. I felt sorry for the girls and felt it would have worked better if instead they had inter-gender baseball games. I know we don’t do it over here in the UK but it felt a bit off to shunt the girls off to one side, completely ignore their story, not give them the chance to show off and then to top it off having them as cheerleaders nearer the end.

But that is just my personal opinion.

Baseball head Koro-Sensei is one of my favourites.

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