365 Challenge : Stroke of Midnight

(No smart remarks about there being 366 days this year what we are working from only has 365 so we’ll be missing the leap day!)

Where was I last night (or near enough 24 hours ago) when it turned into 2016?

I’d like to tell you that I was somewhere really special doing something really cool but I truly wasn’t. Yet I was.

Like it or not one of my best friends has had a hard time when something she worked on went viral and yadda yadda, we all know the story so it was all about staying up with her and giving her a reason to smile. I think we did that well.

Sitting about watching kids movies like Chicken Run whilst getting drunk on Skype.

It was the first time since I was a teenager I wasn’t at some kind of party but I realised just how much I enjoyed it more when I woke up this morning and could remember the night vividly, when I woke up in my own bed and when I looked back at text messages and pictures we’d sent each other. Going out into a crowd of people full of people I know and don’t know was no where near as inviting as just spending the night with the people I love most in the world and having a good old giggle.

What was magical was after a bit of a cry we finally got Anna laughing with our Allo Allo impressions and then Luc and Anna entertained me for a hour with quotes from Bottom and The Young Ones.

Never again will I bother going out when I can sit at home and hang out with my family.

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