Start 2016 like you want to carry it on!

OK so we’ve had a few problems recently. We would just like to stress, seeing its the 1st January and all, that everything on this site is meant to be a bit of fun. Its a group of people who are writing for fun to find similar minded people and to enjoy themselves.

We do not reply to hateful messages anywhere, we have always just deleted on sight. I’m not sure we can say it enough but PLEASE be mindful of the messages sent to our staff members. Be civil and we’ll reply, if you aren’t civil we will just delete messages.

There will be a revamp of the About page as well as some other pages in the next few weeks.

The most important thing is possibly this.

If you have a question/disagree/opinion on a post PLEASE either write it in the comments OR message the actual page on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/E-Mails and ADDRESS the message to the AUTHOUR or else use Twitter to talk to the majority of our posters personally on their own accounts. DO NOT send messages to Anna to disagree with someone else, DO NOT think that everything written on here is her opinions. Please, please, PLEASE actually look at the authour and leave comments instead of sending them all to her and yes that is especially important if someones name is in the review itself because it’ll be a quote that they have no control over the use of.

We do this as a hobby, we do it for fun.

Or in other words, please just stop. Be more positive, be happy and stop telling people that another reviewers opinion is wrong and therefore they are stupid for it.

Other then that have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Start 2016 like you want to carry it on!”

  1. Man I feel shitty. I feel like its my fault. I forgot the kid shares everything and that the guys on Tumblr had been a ass to her ever since she said Paige was annoying. No one at all has said fuck all to me and I’m the one that wrote the wrestling blogs yet its nearly killed kiddo.

    Yeah, thats right to all the assholes who found our blogs so fucking hilarious or sent death threats because I don’t find Roman Reigns as attractive as you do TO THE WRONG FUCKING PERSON you nearly killed her. I’d love for people to comment and tell ME I’m wrong or ask what our blogs are about instead of just being assholes to people. Hell I bitch about Paige more then Anna and yet none of her fans have come to tell me I’m a asshole who should die. Starting to feel most of these people are assholes because they know Anna suffers from depression. I’ve read about all sorts of groups that target people with depression on Tumblr.

    10 minutes after I got online the day the blog posted I wished I hadn’t fucking bothered. Not a single person said a single thing to me it was just meant to be fun.

    I guess seeing no one else will actually talk to me about it that is pretty much it then.

    1. How personal it got in some quarters made me instantly aware that it was possibly people jumping on things to stick the knife in some more. She hadn’t been on Tumblr properly for a long time, since the first attacks, many of the posts on her Tumblr from after the first bout of attacks were personal untagged (or tagged in such a way no one would see them) posts or her Instagram photos that she shares on Twitter and Tumblr. It felt like people were just waiting for something to either have a go at her about or make personal insults about.

      But I guess it is the best thing for all of us to let it go now. It isn’t your fault! The longer we go on about it the more anxious Anna will be so just let it be for now and if there are further problems in the future we’ll deal with them then!

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