…Hello 2016!

So we’ve looked at 2015 now we’re going to be looking forward, something we’ll plan on doing from now on! There is no point in looking behind us after all.

So it was important for us to make plans for 2015 so we can keep ourselves motivated and so on.

What have we got planned for 2016?

More Art!

We keep saying we’ll do Creative Friday’s and never get around to it. Its something that we’ll possibly have to sort out and start working on for the middle part of the year. The boys aren’t super creative and I have a full time job so don’t always find time to write stuff and Anna can only draw/write when she’s not depressed.

Anna is once more trying to draw a little bit every day even if its nothing important. We’ve asked her to post whatever it is she’s drawn, even if its just lettering or something every day.

Of course if anyone wants to submit anything for the blog for Creative Fridays then go ahead! We don’t mind highlighting other people’s work, other people’s sites or even Etsy stuff if you want us to.

Writing has always been something important to me and Anna and the older we get the more reasons we find to not do it so hopefully even if its crappy fanfiction or terrible poetry we’ll start blogging some stuff on Friday’s.

More Manga!!

Anna is going to start reviewing One Punch Man, Luc will go back to where he was on Assassination Classroom and start reviewing from there and I’ll start (again) on Fairy Tail.

We’ll also try some new stuff and any recommendations are welcome!

Anime Changes…

So last year Anna and Luc just looked at what was coming on and then divided what they thought sounded interesting between them and went on like that. It meant we might have missed a whole bunch of things that they’d have liked but also meant that sometimes the anime didn’t really suit the reviewer in the end.

This year they’ll review every first episode of anything. If its a second season then so be it! If they find the first episode interesting they’ll catch up with the first season in their own time or read up on it to carry on the second.

First episode reaction blogs will be split into days so Anna will take Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and Luc Wednesdays, Thursdays and the weekend. When they’ve both seen the episode one of them will write about the first episode and then if one liked it they’ll review it, if both like it then they’ll just have to fight it out amongst themselves, though of course our anime blog readers can have their say too!

We will also be revamping the anime page itself, it won’t just take you to the archive anymore but a page with recommendations, the schedule for that season and so much more. Give them a month or two to finalize it all!

Plus there will be some older anime’s reviewed as well by both including Anna’s yearly attempt to watch Penguindrum (which she didn’t do last year! Bit of a tradition lost there!)

Many More Events!!!!

One thing we were planning that never happened was going to conventions and just general events. Of course not all of us are able too but its something one or two of us are thinking of more for next year.

No this doesn’t just mean Anna going to wrestling events, we’d all quite like to go to one of the expos or even all get together to go to something like Stars of Time at some point. Either way Anna and Lucius are both planning on going to at least Devcon or something similar and Anna is starting to think of doing a Trafalgar Law cosplay.

Book Worms and Film Fanatics!

So as we’ve said before Alexx is coming on board to do a weekly film blog. There will be no set criteria for his reviews he’ll just every week on a Tuesday I believe post a review of a film. He’s starting his own rating system out and will have a easy link to link all the films together.

Not only that one of my and others resolutions as it were is to take more quiet time and sit down and read. Its something we all did when we were younger and have gotten out of the habit of doing. 2016 will be the year when we all try a book challenge of reading 100 books!

Not only that Halloween will once more be jam packed with Halloween movies and we might, as long as everyone is up for it, be doing something special for the Oscars!

And Much MUCH MORE!!!

Of course this is just some of the easy stuff that we’ve come up with for 2016. There are loads more ideas floating around the place from revamping the whole set up to more case studies on characters to even bringing back sports blogs. I still think my World Cup Coverage was second to none! OK I stopped half way through but that was mainly because of work making me miss half the games!


2015s main objective was to be more active. We did that. We didn’t blog every day but when looking over our stats and stuff we blogged pretty much every other day. That objective will carry on but for 2016 we have a new objective.

For 2016 we want to bring a community together. We’ve always tended to get more messages outside of the page then inside. 2016 will be the year that we try our hardest to bring the people who are always watching and reading our blog together. We want to hear your voices.

Disagree with us? Let us know!

Have a question? Get in touch!

We always knew that we needed the content first before we got people interacting with us, we’ve now got the content, we’ll be working on changing the styles that we write in to make it more interactable but we just want to hear from you all!

2016 will be the biggest year for us here on BelieveinGeek.com and we want that to be shared with all of you!

The most important part of that is obviously listening to you! So if you have any ideas, any requests or any advice just let us know!

2016 has only just started but I feel its going to be a wonderful year!


One thought on “…Hello 2016!”

  1. I started my Doodles 😉 and I’m back from my forced exile of commenting!

    I wanted to go to Stars of Time as its in May which would make a good birthday present for me but the last time I went it was pretty boring and I only stayed as long as I did because the line to meet Chris Barrie was so long and I wanted my photo taken with him. I don’t think I want to spend as much money as I’d have to to get there and a taxi to the place its at and all that. Will have to look for something more fun to do in May!

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