2015 : BelieveinGeek Style

So there have been many ups and downs personally and on here for all the crew at BelieveinGeek. Our Authors have picked their best and worst memories of 2015 to share with you all!

Warning – I did kind of transcribe this from a Skype conversation so that you know just how strange some people’s thought process is!

Amanda Best Memory :
My best memory of 2015 is a personal one. I got engaged this year, a very happy memory. We haven’t set a date but hoping that it’ll be in 2017 and that all the staff members on here will be there! Specially Anna who I have already asked to be my maid of honour!

Amanda Worst Memory :
Another personal one here, it was learning that I can never have children. It kind of made getting engaged even more special for me.

Anna Best Memory :
Best or funniest? I’ve had a pretty shit year to be honest so seeing Hurricane wrestling in Plymouth or getting a blurry photo with Rhino was pretty cool. Getting to go to the Christmas Lights Switch on was also a big thing for me after the last time I went and someone screamed at me. If we’re going for sheer hilarity of a situation it would be me never thinking in my life anyone would find my PWA blog in April so not caring what I nicknamed everyone just to have people come on and correct me. Oh how I laughed.

Anna Worst Memory :
The deaths in 2015 hit hard really. Terry Pratchett and Jules Bianchi both dying really upset me. Sir Terry Pratchett has been my hero since I was a kid and I’d never really thought about my life without the Discworld books. As for Jules, man was that horrifying. His accident broke my heart but the amount of time he held onto life just to lose it was just sad. Jules was the guy I was backing to be World Champion sometime and his accident last year and now his death has kind of stopped me being able to connect with F1 at the moment.

Lucius Best Memory :
Finally moving back to Plymouth. I’d been half here and half in Newton Abbot for as long as I can remember so finally coming back full time was pretty special.

Lucius Worst Memory :
Breaking my wrist. It completely killed my steam on here reviewing anime and I’ve never really got back into the swing of things again. Having Anna helping isn’t really helping either as 90% of the time we just mess about, play on the PS4, she shows me a load of her drawings and stories and then with 10 minutes to go we remember we’re meant to be watching anime.

Pete Best Memory :
Coming back after my business trip to find that Anna on her first WWE review had been flamed by Paige fans on here and Twitter. Dude I laughed, I laughed a lot. The fact that Amanda and Fiona both stuck up for her and the dude on here calmed down was unfortunate I was hoping he’d spam every WWE blog for eternity with how wrong we were!

Pete Worst Memory :
Being the only person to have nearly died this year I’d say that was pretty fucked up. Then again I’m used to it. Probably the worst was when my dad tried to get in contact with me, how he found me after leaving my old home town I don’t know but thankfully ignoring him made him go away.

Teams Favourite Moment on the Blog :
Amanda : To add to Anna’s funniest moment it would probably be the text messages when people started commenting on the PWA blog – she had to hide in the toilet as every new name was given to her so she could edit or reply to people.
Anna : That wasn’t funny….
Amanda : It kind of was.
Lucius : I got blog hate and that was kinda funny, unfortunately they never replied to my well reasoned reply.
Anna : That would be because you sent them to sleep….
Amanda : Actually no I would love to nominate Anna’s face when she realised that Eddie Ryan might have read what she wrote about him…
Lucius : Only bettered by the look when she realised the Lionhearts had followed her on Twitter…
Anna : Again not funny….
Pete : How about the fact that she only got one photo with him and she looked like she was about to vomit on him?
Anna : Again not funny! I’m never gonna get another photo with him and the one I do have makes me look strange. I can’t believe the Favourite Moments of 2015 is basically “Anna makes herself look like a complete tit to the world.”
Amanda : To be fair it also is good because you got over your anxiety to go to the shows in the first place plus you have a photo and you will get more next year! Even if me and the other half need to force you to!
Anna : Heh… We’ll see… We’ll see…

Favourite Blog Post(s) :
Amanda : I liked writing my Cyberbully one, it let me think a lot about how we see interaction on the internet and made me look deeper at some of my own behaviour. I also loved reading any blog about Inside No.9!
Anna : Anything where I get to spam people with photos. I like my new monthly photo blogs and enjoy writing and putting photos to the wrestling blogs, just wish I was better at reviewing the live wrestling shows!
Lucius : Gangsta. I loved reviewing that anime.
Pete : Getting predictions right during PPVs.

Hopes for 2016 on the blog :
Amanda : I’m hoping to look for more one off dramas and things, especially on the BBC to review. Kind of hope that I get to chat more in comments with everyone too!
Anna : Do better at writing the wrestling reviews – go to more wrestling shows… I already have tickets (thanks to Pete) for PWP in January and February and will go to PWA in both hopefully too.
Lucius : Maybe find something more interesting then just anime to review. Don’t know what. Kind of would like to do book reviews or something. Hoping to complete 2016 Strictly without giving up in week 5 or 6.
Pete : MORE WRESTLING! I hope to start doing ROH or something next year. At the moment I’m not even up to date with WWE hence its been quiet but hoping to do more next year when I finally caught up.

Below share your own highlights or low lights of the year or any of your favourite blogs or BelieveinGeek moments of 2015!


7 thoughts on “2015 : BelieveinGeek Style”

  1. New years resolution for @awerka : speak/type in coherent sentences.

    A memory I only remembered the other day was the reaction to the final episode of Plastic Memories. The hatred and anger! Or any episode of Ranpo Kitan.

      1. It was a anime from earlier in the year. Basic plot was that a guy joined a group that goes out and wipes the memories of these AI guys before they go corrupt. The main guy basically falls in love with one of the androids (can’t remember what they were called) and has to get over the fact her memories are going to be wiped. She herself is miserable because she doesn’t want memories just to lose them but this guy is so special she cheers up.

        The main gripe was that you can reuse the shell of the units so when she “dies” they reuse her body and of course even though the personality and person is different the overwhelming feel was that they were going to fall in love again.

        It didn’t handle the subject well all through the season which meant the finale was OK but made some people angry. It kept telling us that she’d be a different person and this guy was so in love but for me and others it felt like how could it be love if he’d fall so easily for someone who looked exactly the same but was completely different. It felt like being a happy ending for the sake of romance. Just it wasn’t very romantic. I didn’t mind the end because it was left ambiguous but I’d have preferred them to decide she was her own person and not then have the feeling of “but we’ll bring her back so everyone else is happy”.

        Other subjects in episodes were great. Not enough of it though.

          1. Goosebumps had a ending like it, Stine wrote his daughter back to life mostly so he and the Kid next door who fell in love with her so they’d be happy.

            Pixels is the film that Anna got all freaked out about. All the characters were pixelated except for one female who just so happened to be the character one of the main characters fancied as a kid. She goes back at the end just for the Qubert trophy to morph into her and yes they had sex and had babies. Anna got pissed off not because of the feminist issues but due to the abuse of a Qubert.

    1. How about you just focus on not dying over there in 2016. I’d love a holiday to Canada but I wouldn’t really wanna waste my plane ticket just to go see your sorry ass being buried.

      Either that or just suck my dick.

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