RAW 12/28/15 Review

For the first time in what feels like a lifetime I am here to write a wrestling review. Its a miracle.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Kevin Owens vs Neville
Winner : NEVILLE

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto
Winner : KALISTO

Big E vs Sin Cara
Winner : BIG E

Big Show vs Ryback
Winner : RYBACK

Dean Ambrose & The Usos vs The League of Nations

John Cena vs Alberto Del Β Rio
Winner : JOHN CENA (DQ)

Vince McMahon / Roman Reigns

They cut straight to the chase, Vince comes down and calls Reigns down. They remind us of what has happened in the last few weeks, Reigns gets to play the character he plays best, after that though suddenly everything is a little… Meh. They got the crowd riled up just to kill them and then do a silly “oh look at him pushing Vince around arrest him” stuff that was old a long time ago.

It all goes wrong for the McMahons though as Vince ends up arrested instead.

Kinda misstep for me but they’ve got what Reigns should be doing down well.

Kevin Owens vs Neville
Neville wins by pin fall

So being the Breakout Star of the Year has put Neville in Kevin Owens bad books.

Match was over in a flash. After nearly getting a Red Arrow right off the bat Owens goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb which Neville reverses into a roll up and gets a quick win.

That wasn’t a good thing for Neville who then got the full brunt of Owens after the match being violently thrown into barriers and the ring and just getting his ass kicked by a outraged Owens. Kind of happy to see him so violent,Β after the break Neville is hobbling backstage just for Owens to attack him again and before he gets a chance to powerbomb him onto the side of the ring Dean Ambrose comes down to put Owens in his place.

I think they did the wrong thing at the end, they should have had the refs keep them apart instead of having Owens leave. It gave the commentators plenty of time to tell us how Owens doesn’t want a fair fight when he’d just ran to attack Ambrose as he came out but then left when he saw he couldn’t win, like he always proudly says he does. Think it would have been better having to have them separated, would have been stronger for Owens.

Becky Lynch

Becky is great on the mic, she needs more time to do stuff backstage.

Team BAD

It doesn’t take long for how much Team BAD love Brooklyn to be known. Pretty sure there were no more words Naomi could use to describe how much she loves it.

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks wins by pin fall

For the majority of the match Becky was in charge after a early flurish for Sasha. It wasn’t bad, the numbers game was used well at first and Becky taking them out was good other then the crowd being completely dead therefore it losing some of that magic to it.

When we get back from what felt like the 100th break during this match the tables have turned and Sasha is basically doing to Becky what Becky had done to her.

The match was pretty boring if I’m honest. Not sure if that was that the crowd was dead and kept chanting boring or if I actually found it boring. It didn’t feel like it was doing anything and felt way too long.

End of the match was a bit sloppy too. The interference from Tamina and Naomi looked half hearted and then the rolling around was just slightly strange. Not the best match.

New Day

Do we need to say any more? They got in the ring and started to speak. I laughed. A lot. The end.

Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto
Kalisto wins by pin fall

Gotta give it to both they really were brilliant. Kalisto might be fast but so if Kofi.

Unfortunately it felt like one of those nights as the match seemed real short and they seemed to run around a lot before Kalisto got the win.

After the match Xavier challenges Sin Cara to a match against Big E.

I feel like I started reviewing in the wrong week.

Big E vs Sin Cara
Big E wins by pin fall

We come back to Big E in charge of Sin Cara.

I dunno, RAW had managed to suck the soul out of me in everything before this. Big E knocked Sin Cara off the matt onto the floor and Sin Cara hurt his arm. It just seemed to trudge to a obvious ending.

Usually I find New Day the best part of RAW but neither of the matches really interested me that much. I dunno.


He’s doing a year in review, which is funny because tomorrow is our Wrestling Year in Review. I had to talk Anna out of changing some of the stuff last minute but never mind.

Unfortunately We didn’t get a review of 2015 just a load of people telling us that 2016 will be their year. Including Ryback, who I’m fed up of, Goldust, who I wanna see more of, Zack Ryder, who Anna got excited about, R-Truth, who actually kind of belonged in this segment for a change but still managed to do the same joke he’s been doing most of the year, Heath Slater, who doesn’t get to say much and then the Big Show who took forever to get to the ring and beat everyone up.

I’d like to think 2016 would see something better for both Slater and Ryder and some good moments for Goldie and the Miz but having them all knocked out by Big Show doesn’t really get me excited for their prospects.

Big Show is the first person to announce he’ll be in the Royal Rumble in four weeks and he’ll be coming in at number 1.

A wasted chance for a bunch of guys that deserve a chance to do something good just to tell us Big Show is gonna enter the Rumble at number 1?

Thank you WWE.

Big Show vs Ryback
Ryback wins by count out

Just when I thought I’d gotten rid of the two most boring parts of the segment just before hand we come back from break to see they’ve been put in a match against each other.

The match was just as interesting as you’d think it was. To the point Ryback won by count out. It felt like WWE had a personal grudge against its fans by this time.

Dean Ambrose & The Usos vs The League of Nations
The League of Nations win by pin fall

It started off a bit muted. I can’t take anything the Uso’s do with much seriousness. Why the hell them two and Ambrose pretty much had the number on the League Β I don’t know. They honestly have done the League a big disservice.

Rusev threw one of the Usos into the corner and hurt his leg which gave the League a chance to take control. The rest of the match was just patchy at best and even League of Nations couldn’t keep my interest for long. I mean isn’t Barrett injured and that’s why he spent the whole time on the apron doing nothing? It just looked silly. Half the time Sheamus was on the floor and Rusev was the only person doing anything.

Thankfully I guess the League of Nations won.

After the match the most impressive thing since Neville got beaten up happened and that would be Owens coming down to sneak attack Ambrose and put him through the announcers table.

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
John Cena wins by DQ

Man it is good to have Cena back. His segment was funny and inspiring in some strange way. I mean Brooklyn hate him yet he got the crowd on his side. Del Rio and his bodyguards looked good too.

Match was pretty good but had the problem that I was fed up of life by the time we got to a match. It was much better then the match where Cena lost the title but I’m also a bit disappointed that League of Nations ended up coming out. All the League guys are real threats and deserve to be treated like threats instead of having to rely on cheating. I know that is the easy way to show the crowd that these are the bad guys but there are too many groups like that right now and League could just kill people.

In the end Del Rio loses but keeps the title.

I’m happy that Cena is back and I’m also happy he didn’t just return and get the belt back. Kind of wish they had a better plan for League of Nations though.

Of course they might have beat down on Cena but when Roman Reigns shows up he cleans house just to get Vince McMahon coming back out.

Final Thoughts :

The night was boring.

Sorry but it was.

Matches just didn’t have anything going for them. Some were too short, others had strange moments and by the time we got to the main event I was fed up of watching it.

RAW is a hour too long full stop.

They had split shows and you kind of felt it. They didn’t really have any stories to get into, I guess to be honest the opening segment felt like a slow death to my brain.

I’ve enjoyed most of the stuff I had to catch up with so it was a bit disappointing that the one I come back to review happens to be really boring.

They need to make League of Nations dominate, properly. Get some really dominant wins under their belt, have them getting the last word, have them being the last men standing. Don’t have them cheat constantly, they are all guys that can dominate so let them. Put Reigns and his family on the back foot.

Plus they just need to do something interesting with Ryder and Slater. Can’t believe of all the Superstars in the world they were used to be beaten up and announce fucking Big Show as being in the Royal Rumble. Just sad.

That’s it though.


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